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Sep 2, 2009 09:38 AM

queso in TO?

Does anyone know where to find queso blanco in Toronto? or even nice big chunks of haloumi?

I love me some fried cheese, and I want a better option than the stupidly expensive and small PC haloumi. I remember at Costco last time I was in the States I could buy two huge blocks of it for around $5... not that I expect it to be nearly so cheap here!

edit - just to be clear I want to buy some cheese at a store, not get it at a restaurant...

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    1. Haloumi at Arz or Nasr (if it's still operating?). Queso of some type is available at Fiesta Farms, although I'm not familiar with the varieties. I know that they have fresh queso, like ricotta.

      1. I know that cheese boutique carries haloumi, althought it is fairly expensive. I have seen a cheese thats similar to haloumi at some portuguese markets (o nosso talho) its called "Douro blando" I think it may be similar to haloumi ( nice and salty and squeeky texture) its pretty cheap too.

        Hope that helps abit.

        1. You can get haloumi at Iqbal Halal Foods: Unit 10, 2 Thorncliffe Park Dr., 416-467-0177. Great place to shop!


          1. Perola's in Kensington Market has loads of queso blanco. Most of the good cheese shops have halloumi, I've found.

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              You can get two brands of Haloumi at What a Bagel on Spadina Road.