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Sep 2, 2009 09:23 AM

Liquid Crab Boil

Hi - just got a Louisiana cookbook and the thing I want to make requires "liquid crab boil". I went online and found it but they don't ship to Canada. Does anyone know where to find it, preferably in the Niagara Region? Or a source that would ship to Canada...thank you!

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  1. you talking Zatarains?.. Cajun Corner in Toronto carried it, but something is up with them. They seem to have closed up

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    1. re: bruceter

      They closed about 2 years ago, then the ghost appeared up on Laird Drive.

      1. re: bruceter

        Yes Zatarains! Anyone else carry it that you know of?

        1. re: antjud

          Pasquale Bros. on Goodrich used to carry it . Call 416 364 7397 to verify

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            You can get some Zatarains products at Pape IGA, so they may be able to source the crab boil also. I also think I saw it at Bill's Lobster, so you may want to call and check if they still carry it.

        2. I've seen it in Bruno's on Avenue Rd.


          1. I think "Old Bay" seasoning is the most well know crab boil. I've seen it at various grocery stores but you might want to try your fishmonger who also sells crabs....they should carry it.


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              thats what i MEAN about CAJ Corner on Laird. THAT incarnation seems to be closed as well. You can see their mail piled up inside when u look in window

              1. re: bruceter

                If I saw correctly on my fly by today, there's a "For Lease" sign on the building. It's too bad for the people of Leslieville as they really seemed to like that place. One visit to the Leaside location and I could tell it was gonna flop. I visited 3 times I think. Had some good food but it just didn't grab me. Ya know??