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Sep 2, 2009 08:56 AM

STRANGEST! / Off-beat restaurant in ATLANTA!

I am driving from Jacksonville to Atlanta to spend the weekend in Atlanta on Friday. I am looking for the strangest / off-beat restaurant on the way and in Atlanta. Food dosen't have to be prime chow, but extremely "wierd" dishes or atmosphere is the key. The more out there the better. Examples elsewhere in the world include eating in the dark at Pitch Black in Beijing, Vampire Cafe' in Tokyo, Heart Attack Grill in Chandler AZ, and The Safe House in Milwaukee WI. Thank you!!!!!!

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  1. Dante's Down the Hatch in Atlanta is one of the most unusual and unique restaurants that I've ever been to in my life.

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      Does Dante's still have live alligators?

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        Wow - I can't believe Dante's is still there. I was there over 25 years ago when underground Atlanta was as seedy as Times Square back in the day and people would come up to you offering to sell you drugs. I vividly remember tiny crocodiles (or alligators)....but tiny.

      2. well, at Anderson's BBQ over on the westside, you can get a pig ear sandwich...does that count?

        1. Live aligators and pig ear sandwich's are exactly what I am looking for. Thanks!

          1. Taking you at your word, "extremely "wierd" dishes or atmosphere is the key". Want to wait on a small screened porch for an hour or two for a ghetto burger. Go to Ann's Snack Bar. Wall Street Journal said it's the best burger in America. I don't agree. It would have to be charcoal grilled to be my best burger. The bacon that comes on it is deep fried with the fries. You have to finish it with a fork. Google and do your research and make sure you know Miss Ann's ten rules if you go. I went a couple times for the experience. Search this site and others because there are pifalls. Google it. Good description with photos:

            I think she opens at 11:30 AM and closes at 7PM. I went mid-day. Some go at 10:45 AM hoping to get the "first seating". But you miss some of the "atmosphere". She put the place up for sale a couple months ago but I passed by a few days ago and the small parking lot was full and it was open. There's an old decrepit shopping center nearby for overflow parking. She has been known to send folks to Hardee's up the street when the crowd is too large for her to accomodate before she closes. Is that wierd enough?

            1. Yelp has a lot of reviews for Dante's and Ann's Snack Bar - a diversity of opinion. Read enough and you will find some say "worst experience I've had" or "only go for the ambiance" to "awesome, definitely the place to go", "best burger", "more like meatloaf".

              By the way, you might find Ann's phone number but I would suspect you have little chance of getting an answer. She's usually a one woman show and too busy to answer the phone. Dante's probably a different story. Should be able to call for info. I thought it had burned down and was rebuilt but not sure. Must be about the same as in old times though from what I've heard.

              I said ten rules at Ann's. This says eight:
              I think no cell phones inside is also one and maybe there are a few more "unwritten rules"