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Sep 2, 2009 08:56 AM

MTL - Where to eat this wknd with parents and a toddler? Help!

Hi! I will be visiting Montreal this weekend (from Fri - Tues)...something my husband and I usually REALLY look forward to because we love the city (I was born here) and love, love, love eating our way around the city.

This time - I'm not so sure..... We're coming with my parents, who are older (70-80 yrs old) and not too adventurous with food and more price-conscious, and we will also have our toddler (13 months) with us. We're staying in the Plateau area. So, where can we eat with a family of 5 that can still allow us to enjoy the foodie experience that we love so much about Montreal?!

I really need chowhounder help on this, please! My thoughts so far are:

Napoletana - casual, family-friendly, BYO, and my parents can do pasta/pizza fine, as can baby.
Marche Jean-Talon (for some munchies) - Perfect fit and variety, so I'm actually looking forward to taking the whole family here.
Au Cinquième Péché - We LOVE this place and previously had early dinner here with the baby and it worked out fine. So we plan on eating here again, with early dinner right when they open.
Olive et Gourmando - for some take out sandwiches if we're in Vieux Montreal.
Byblos - for breakfast
Reservoir - for lunch/brunch
Some place in Chinatown - either for great dim sum or a nice dinner? Any recommendations?
Milos - for lunch

However, there are a bunch of places that I want to either try or go back to, and I'm not sure if it will work with our crowd. Will it be a bad idea to go to these places?

APDC again (loved it before!) but I don't know if it might be a bad idea with parents and baby in tow.
Le P’tit Plateau - have been meaning to go there but it's always closed when we've gone by - maybe this time?
Laloux - only a 5 minute walk from where we are staying!
Pintxo - also a 5 minute walk
Kitchen Gallerie - based on Carswell's rec
Les 3 Petits Bouchons?

I think we can probably get my parents to babysit for one evening so husband and I can go for a nice meal on our own - Which one of the above or any other recommendations for our *ONE* really great meal out?!

Thank you so much - I'd really appreciate any help here.

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  1. Also forgot to add that we'll be taking Schwartz's for the car ride home so we'll have our Montreal Smoked Meat craving satisfied ....

    1. APDC shouldn't be a problem. I was there last sunday and it was mostly families with children. I'D recommend going sunday night around the opening and it should be fine. It's alsi a place where it's possible to keep the budget within a reasonable range if you don't go crazy with froie gras. We were 3 and it costed me less than $200 for 2 cromesquis, 3 apps, 3 mains, 2 desserts and a few glasses of wine.

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        All your ideas sound very good. For dim sum in Chinatown I would go to Maison Kam Fung and try to go around 11am so you don't end up waiting too long for a table. I really like Pintxo and I think there's enough variety in the food that your parents would find something they like too. You have a great list for your one meal out when you have babysitting .. APDC has the advantage of being terribly festive always.

        1. re: Plateaumaman

          > For dim sum in Chinatown I would go to Maison Kam Fung and try to go around
          > 11am so you don't end up waiting too long for a table

          I've recently been advised to only go to Kam Fung on Saturdays - I went on 10:30 am on a Sunday recently and the lineup was crazy, even that early!

          1. re: Plateaumaman

            Thanks all for the feedback!

            Is Maison Kam Fung good for dinner too? Or is it better for dim sum?

            1. re: rosemarysage

              Kam Fung is definitely better for dim sum - you can find plenty of other places for dinner in Chinatown - Keung Kee and Beijing are two that come to mind.