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Sep 2, 2009 08:14 AM

Saugerties Garlic Fest. 9/26-9/27/2009

Can't wait to go to this annual event! It was wonderful last year - all of it. They seem to have the parking of cars under control - no traffic jams at all. Hot food booths were great! The GARLIC was amazing. Still planning on buying from my original garlic grower - Ron from Antolini Plantation (from Syracuse, NY area). Had a great conversation with him last year on planting and storing garlic and true to form his HUGE cloves lasted about a year!!!!!!! In fact he brought me around to the back of his booth and we had something to drink, bread and cheese together. What a great guy - I think he's 84 years old this year... been doing the Saugerties fest for 22 years and farming for most of his life. Sure hope he's there this year. Can't wait!

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  1. Would love more information on past experience at garlic fest.

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      1. What was his magic garlic-storing advice that kept yours good for a year? Mine always starts to sprout before I get through a head. Thanks!

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          Sorry this is so late in response... I was looking to see if there is any other posts on the 2010 garlic fest., but so far none.. I'll probably do some searching and start another "link" on the fest.
          I think the reason Ron's garlic keeps so long is the type he has (and from talking to him - where the garlic is grown). For example, if grown on a wetter soil, the garlic seems to rot earlier. He only sells the varieties that last the longest.... and I did have great luck this year... my garlic lasted until June..... I'm not sure if you'll get this since the original post is so old.... but I'll start a new link soon.
          GO Garlic!!!!!!