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NFL City's Foods

Me and my friends are going to start cooking foods from the opposing NFL team's city this year when we get together for games. What foods are your NFL city best known for?

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  1. Reminds me of this:


    I've seen recipe books from years past.

    1. New Orleans, red beans and rice, gumbo, poboys and various boiled seafood, shrimp, crabs crawfish, bread pudding, bananas foster.

      Drinks: Sazerac, Abita Beer, Dixie beer if you can find it

      1. We tailgate for the Tampa Bay Bucs games and I have a lot of fun every year coming up with meals that fit the theme of the team or the city, like brauts for Greenbay, chicken wings for Atlanta, seared tuna, BBQ for Carolina, etc.
        For Tampa, my vote would be for Cuban food. You could roast pork and make cuban sandwiches. Seafood like fried grouper sandwiches would also be a good choice.
        For drinks, I'd go with rum based drinks or Sangria. I don't care for it, but Capt. Morgan would be in keeping with the pirate theme.

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          I meant to say the seared tuna was for Miami.

        2. Buffalo - Beef on Weck - shaved roast beef in au jus on a hard roll covered in coarse salt and caraway - topped with horseradish -

          footlong chili dogs, onion rings, and loganberry to drink

          Chicken Wings , of course - traditional preparation, Franks Hot sauce and butter, served with celery and carrot sticks, and blue cheese

          1. Cincinnati - as a former resident I feel obligated to bring up Cincinnati chili. There are other places to learn exactly what it is, but a classic way of serving it would be to use it as a topper to a hot dog along with cheese. Christian Moerlein would be an appropriate beer to accompany since it's brewed in Cincinnati.

            1. And of course St. Louis' classic toasted ravioli, which has recipes online or can be shipped in. Anheuser-Busch products, perhaps? Provel cheese if you're curious. Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard doesn't ship, as I recall. And you could barbecue pork steaks, which are slices of a pork butt or shoulder, anywhere from a half-inch to an inch thick.

              1. Chargers
                Fish Tacos

                1. Dallas - a big ole T-bone with a baked potato......... or, a little more budget friendly is Chicken Fried Steak w/mashed potatoes and (pan dripping) gravy over both. If you've got the time and know-how, a do-ahead pleaser would be to smoke a beef brisket or pork ribs with appropriate sides of baked beans, slaw, potato salad, corn on the cob, pickles, sweet peppers, sliced onions, jalepenos...... I'm hungry

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                    I agree with CocoaNut in the Dallas assessment (as I usually do), and might add Tex Mex. Nice beefy enchiladas with a chili gravy, tacos al carbon, perhaps. Maybe even fajitas, all good for party fare. Lots of guacamole. We can send some Mexicans up to help, if need be. I usually make a giant vat of Texas Chili (no beans) when for the colder weather games (not that it ever gets really cold here). Go 'Boys!

                    For beer, go with Modelo Especial or Dos Equis Special Lager. If you can get either in keg form you won the lottery of life.

                  2. New England Patriots

                    Lobster rolls
                    Boston Baked Beans

                    Beer? Sam Adams for sure, maybe some harpoon, thomas hooker, Cambridge Brewing Company

                    1. +1 for the Cuban food in Tampa, had a really good Cuban Sanwich there. Went to a game in Pittsburgh last year (man it was cold). We went to Primanti Bros. for a sandwich afterwards.

                      1. Indianapolis: breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

                        The pork MUST dwarf the bun. See link:

                        1. Chicago:
                          Rib tips and hot links

                          Italian Beef with hot giardinera

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                            The best Bears parties I've been to in NYC have served sausage deep dish pizza, cheese party-style pizza, Italian beef combos, Chicago-style hot dogs and Garrett's popcorn. Rib tips and hot links would be a great addition.