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Sep 2, 2009 07:57 AM

Anyone tried Schnitzel Express?

I hear they are open (on 39th btw broadway and 6th). Anyone tried? Does anyone know anything about the menu - is it only sandwiches or do they also have sandwiches and platters?

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  1. sandwiches and platters.
    they are small but thave a lot of seating because they put seats along the wrap around counter.
    a little slow to get the orders out but might be due to being new.
    not sure you can't get everything there elsewhere for less.
    my pet peeve: burger price was listed at $6.65 and they charged me $6.75

    1. Walked by the other day. The menu looks like Schnitzies in Brooklyn...which is awesome. I will be trying this place within the next week.

      1. I tried it yesterday, and it was packed. I had the Mediterranean Schnitzel and it was good, although as can be expected, it had salad and meat falling out as I ate it. I also orded the Home Fries (sweet potato and regular potato chips). Everything was tasty, and will go again. I did not like the fact that to add fried onions is $1 more.

        Attached is a menu

        1. I went by today Sept. 16, 2009, about 12:30... not crowded, about 5 people. No line (2 registers). I ordered a "house burger" with the works, and cajun fries. The cashier was pleasant to deal with- no attitude, and she was smiling.

          I watched the food being made, and it was obvious the guys need a little more training and time to learn the ropes...they were having a little trouble getting orders right, and wrapping up food items. They almost didn't put onions on my burger, although onions are listed on the menu as an included topping (and the receipt said "the works"). When I asked for the onions- they looked surprised, and picked up the receipt and stared at it for a few moments, as if "the works" doesn't include onions.
          Other than that, the food was quick and OK. The burger was cooked the way I asked. The "cajun fries" are standard frozen restaurant supply house "cajun" fries. The burger had a bit of a middle-eastern taste in terms of seasoning- it tasted like they sprinkled one of those packaged "swchwarma seasoning blends" on it... cumin and something else one doesn't usually taste on an American burger. But it was still ok. Not really greasy like KD's.

          I will go back and try their grilled chicken next.