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Sep 2, 2009 05:57 AM

Best Monte Christo?

I am looking for the ultimate Monte Christo sandwich.

Not the kind that is essentially a glorified grilled cheese sandwich. The kind that the Parker House used to serve at their casual restaurant (if anyone can remember that far back). Totally encrusted in an eggy batter and served in quarters with raspberry jam and powdered sugar. Does anyone in Boston or the 'burbs make those any more?

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  1. I am not a fan of them personally, but whenever I have brunch at Pop's a friend of mine always orders them and seems to love it. Might be worth giving a try.

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      My husband liked Pop's verision, which was served with strawberry jam.

      Temple Bar also has one on the brunch menu with syrup and fresh fruit. I haven't tried it, but given the good quality of the brunch items that we tried last week, I'm guessing it would be really good. You could probably get a side of jam.

    2. I like the version that Metropolis Cafe does. Nice ham and gruyere on french toast stacked high, topped with powdered sugar and served with warm maple syrup. No rasberry jam though, not sure I've ever seen it that way. Add an apple chicken sausage and the meal is complete.

      1. It's a bit of a commute, but I'll never forget the one I had at Opryland. The french toast was nice, but the whole sandwich was batter-dipped and fried, with syrup, jam and powdered sugar. Pretty sure they used swiss.

        1. I remember that Parker House restaurant! I used to get them often there. I think they were served with strawberries. Don't remember the jam. I don't think I've had one since, so I can't help you. But, thanks for the memories.

          1. Lendy's Deli in Saugus between Route 1 South and the Lynn Fells Parkway has a massive Monte Cristo. I actually liked the one Bennigan's sold as well.