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Sep 2, 2009 03:11 AM

Amsterdam: Korean BBQ?

I’ve been craving Korean BBQ lately, and I’m wondering whether any good options exist in Amsterdam.

A colleague suggested that I try Hwa Won (info below). If anyone has been there and can share his/her experience, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Hwa Won
Nederhoven 13-15
1083 AM Amsterdam
(020) 642 31 42

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  1. I hope that someone reads this prior to trying this restaurant because it may aid in your decision to spend money there.

    Since I was craving Korean BBQ and it had a good rating in a local Amsterdam forum, I decided to take the 22 euro cab ride each way from Central since there were no Korean restaurants near there.

    The place looked very plain and when I entered, I was not greeted nor asked to take a seat so after a few minutes I sat myself. The waiter kind of said hello after we sat down but did not offer a menu, they were located on the front counter so I picked it up.

    It was like a self serve which I thought would save me some money since service was not their main objective. The price was pretty high so I was expecting great food but it did not the flavor nor the touch I was looking for. In fact, the Kal Bi was broiled and when I asked the waitress, she got defensive about the fact I asked if it were grilled. She told me it was the juice inside that makes it look this way which was stupid and then she said the grill could be shown to me.

    At that point I decided to pay for my 60 euro meal and leave. I just hope no one goes there and I will be posting on other sites as this must have been one of my worst dining experiences to date.

    There were about three other Korean Restaurants located on the same corner. It looks like if you are craving this type of food, there are not many to choose from so make sure your instincts help you.