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Sep 1, 2009 11:09 PM


I love lasagna. I had some at Cinque , a new place in Tribeca ( the old Toon's and after that Devin Tavern_),,,, the chefs are from Milan and Rome. the lasagna is served on a hot black cast iron pan. It tasted really good but It had bechamel on top. I thought of Greek Pastichio ,, howerver, some friends from Italy told me that is how lasagna should be made ,,and here in US they always put cheese on top for some reason. Any thoughts on this?
Also,, the fish in Cinque is good, the Caesar salad is good ,, the cheesecake is dry and horrible

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  1. Any thoughts on bechamel on top of lasagna?

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      That's the standard Northern Italian (e.g., Tuscan) version. The version without bechamel is Southern Italian (e.g., Napoletano).

    2. I have seen bechamel in many lasagna recipes and not seen it in a good deal more... I like to use it in each non pasta layer because it works to unify the cheeses and the sauce/tastes really great.