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Sep 1, 2009 11:04 PM

quintessential sunday in new orleans, and then some?

hello all, i just booked my ticket to NOLA and am so excited, i thought i'd start posting early! i will be there for the last week of october for my bday, which i am so psyched for, and will finally be there on a sunday. i'm thinking i should do jazz brunch @ commander's palace but i didnt realize it would be so expensive ~ $42 (i'm basically on a student budget) it worth it? and does that include unlimited drinks?! i will splurge for probably 2 dinners max. i have been to brigsten's, acme, domilese's, camellia grill, drago's, adolfo's and some others. i want to try the oyster loaf at casamento's, and also need to sample more signature cocktails, like milk punches and pimms cups, but especially bloody marys! i'm into the fun and offbeat kinds of places, and i will be eating seafood everything, what should i not miss? oh, and i have to go to rock & bowl and tipitina's, should i eat there? btw, i will be staying in algiers and hoping to get picked up by a friend just as a heads up...thanks a bunch!

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  1. Alcohol is not included at CP. They make excellent bloody Marys. I order them extra spicy. They serve lunch M-F, it's less expensive plus 25 cent martinis. Reserve the garden room. Better restaurants have lower lunch prices. Cheaper rest. prices remain the same all day. Swap lunch for dinner and you'll come out ahead. Emeril's has a 3 course $19.50 lunch special M-F. IMO one of the best values in town. Pick up a muff from Central Grocery or grab a burger at POC and you'll be full all day (or night).

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      thanks for the 411 jazzy are there any good brunches that include unlimited drinks?

    2. Since you're on a student budget, I'd recommend EAT on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine for brunch. It's BYOB...which makes it a TREMDENDOUS value. I just bring my own vodka or champagne for bloody marys and mimosas. The shrimp and grits are not to be missed.

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        MIght also try Atchafalya Cafe. They are temporarily BYOB.

      2. I wouldn't waste stomach space eating at Rock N' Bowl. There's much better food to be had...including Ye Olde College Inn next door to Rock N' Bowl.

        What part of Algiers will you be in? I live in Algiers Point.

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          not sure nikinik...i think the street where ill be stayin is westbank something or other...and the marigny is probably where ill be most nights i'm there (ill be there for a week, but i plan on heading to lafayette for a couple days). thanks for your info!

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            The Westbank is the entire area after you cross the river. Algiers is the city. Algiers Point (where I am) is a community/neighborhood.

            When you head to Lafayttte...if it's on a absolutely HAVE TO stop in Breaux Bridge, LA for the Zydeco Breakfast at Cafe des Amis! It's so unique. A band plays and EVERYONE dances with everyone else. And the food is unique and wonderful. Can you say boudin stuffed beignets!

            1. re: nikinik

              yeah i always miss zydeco bfast! i thought it was on sunday? last time i was there in 2007, it was either there or fred's lounge in mamou, and i chose fred's! it was a good time, but i can't stand smoke in clubs, so that kinda sucked lol. i have eaten at cafe des amis though, and it is surely wonderful (the white chocolate bread pudding has always been a stand out for me). btw, have you ever been to whiskey river in henderson? it's only open on sundays, and they have live music and all. i am debating if i should go there sunday, or stay in NOLA, any thoughts?

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                love fred's. had a killer overhang that was cured by some shots of Hot Damn!

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                  You still drink that stuff? LOL! I had to quit probably over 15 years ago. It was the cause of my overhang.

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                    the two bottles in my freezer are likely 15 yrs old...I admit I had not taken a shot in yrs, but a few mos ago I was overserved and took a shot the next am...still works.

                2. re: unocal

                  The zydeco breakfast is definitely on Saturday a.m. only. I haven't been to Whiskey River in Henderson...but I've heard of it. I'll put it on my list of things to do next time we're out that way.

                  As far as sunday...depends on your mood. Both would be fun....but I LOVE spending the day in the quarter!

          2. If you're into "offbeat" type should definitely plan to hit the marigny one night. How long will you be here?

            1. Last weekend in Oct. is voodoo fest
              If you're interested, you will be able to pick up cheaper tx outside the fest. from fest goers or on Caig's list.

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              1. re: JazzyB

                yeah thanks for the heads up jazzyb...unfortunately i have a wedding on halloween morning (can you believe it's at 11:30 A.M.?!), and cant make it. i am bummed for sure!

                1. re: unocal

                  Off beat food and music: Jacques-Imos for food
                  and the Maple Leaf for music
                  all on the same street...pretty much next door to each other on Oak Street in the Riverbend off of St. Charles and S. Carrollton. If Jacques-Imos is too crowded there are many ethnic restaurants on S. Carrollton and Squeal on Oak Street...all would fit a student's budget.