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Sep 1, 2009 11:01 PM

ISO Wood Pellets for Smoking

I've got a cold-smoking setup that takes wood pellets rather than chips, and I'm running low. is the brand I've got, but I am planning on smoking some pastrami soon and I don't want to risk the shipment not arriving by the time the meat is ready. Anybody seen these or a similar product locally? Bonus points for being in SF proper, and even more bonus points for Muni/BART accessible.

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  1. I would guess that BBQ Galore would have them... not sure if there is an SF location though?

    1. No bonus points. BBQ Galore
      1539 Botelho Dr.
      Walnut Creek, CA 94596
      At the corner of Main and Botelho across from the Broadway Plaza

      620 W. Francisco Blvd.
      San Rafael, CA 94901
      Next to Toys R’ Us and Borders
      The WC store is about a mile from the BART station.

      1. Well, no bonus points for me as this would require a car and drive. Bud's Custom Meats in Pengrove sells Traeger wood pellet grills. I assume they also sell the pellets ... or they might be able to give you a SF source if you call. (707) 795-8402

        1. I have seen them at Cole Hardware in the Haight.

          Also, why don't you order directly from Traeger. They will ship quickly (UPS a couple of days) at reasonable prices and then muni and Bart don't figure into the equation.

          1. Thanks for the tips, all. No luck at BBQ Galore. I'll try calling Bud's in the morning to see if he's got any suggestions but I'll probably just order online and hope.

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              Why don't you call their 800 number and ask if the can send it out the same day? They are very cooperative.