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Sep 1, 2009 10:09 PM

Favorite Healthy School Snacks to Pack for your kids??

Looking for new healthy snacks and lunch ideas for this new school year. Last year was a bit mundane- same thing rotated around. Would love some new ideas. So, what are you favorite healthy snacks and lunch ideas your kids actually like to eat?

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  1. Ugh, it's such a trial trying to keep lunch interesting.
    I've been mixing up a small container of nuts (smoked almonds are the current fav), dried fruit, 1 little piece of dark chocolate and maybe some breadstick pieces or goldfish for my little guys recess snack. At the moment this is completely devoured. Lunch is mostly a honey sandwich, fresh fruit & cookie though. I can get him to eat a small salad (cherry toms, carrot sticks, tiny centre leaves of a cos lettuce) and ranch maybe once a week. I found using a variety of bento boxes, condiment containers & skewers (to make fruit kebabs) makes him more likely to eat his lunch. When the weather cools I'll try mac & cheese or noodles in a thermos. None of this is too time consuming. Yet.
    I'd love some other ideas though.

    1. This is a popular topic this time of year: specifically on muffins for school lunches:
      ...and one I started around Christmas when I was in a school lunch rut:

      HTH :)

      1. perhaps with a cold-insulated lunchbox:
        deconstructed parfait with yogurt, fruit and granola to mix at lunch
        hummus with pita
        pita pockets stuffed with fillings of choosing
        leftover whole wheat pizza (dinner and tomorrow's lunch)
        leftover polenta squares with marinara dipping sauce (dinner and tomorrow's lunch)
        chili (good cold) with cornbread
        chilled dumplings
        marinated grilled veggies (if the kids will go for them)
        hard-boiled eggs with crackers

        1. Today my daughter is toting applesauce and some wheat bunnies crackers for her snack. For lunch, leftover buttered orzo, rotisserie chicken and baby carrots. We do sandwiches on wheat, sliced fruits, hummus and carrots/crackers/Syrian bread, cheese & crackers, hard-cooked eggs . . . pretty boring, but she requests the same things over and over. Not many veggies b/c she doesn't eat many veggies.

          I realized last year that it wasn't my daughter who was bored with the rotation, it was me!


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            "I realized last year that it wasn't my daughter who was bored with the rotation, it was me! "

            Yep - my son's school is nut-free, and he has Celiac. We don't buy too many cold cuts, so he was having cheese sandwiches on gluten-free bread everyday. Yuk. But he was fine with it. He'd make all sorts of disgusting variations, like cheese with saurkraut and BBQ sauce. Maybe it was just that I was pregnant, but it seemed awful. but he ate it if he came up with it. If I came up with it, like the brie sandwich with blackberry preserves - he hated it. Yesterday he had a croque monsieur - lightened up quite a bit with nitrate-free low fat ham, part skim mozzerella and aged gruyere grated on top. He LOVED it. He always takes fresh fruit for the side, and I make sure to pack fragile fruit so it doesn't get bruised.

            In my attempts to reduce the cheese diet, we tried leftover pasta, veggie or turkey chili, black bean dip with baked chips, hummus, sushi (filled with shrimp or veggies - huge hit), turkey hot dogs, hamburgers (we make extra patties, freeze them and then microwave in the morning - he eats it), pizza sandwiches (roasted tomato sauce, pizza seasoning and cheese), muffins

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              So as an update - here's daughter's idea of a "crazy" lunch idea - Applegate farms bologna (we use all unpreserved lunch meats when we do have lunch meats) - get this! "rolled in a [whole wheat] tortilla, mom!" No cheese. No condiments. Revolutionary, no?

            2. This weekend we're going to be making pizza on a stick, sans pepperoni.
              The idea enchanted my daughter and anything we make together means there's a higher likelihood that it will be eaten.

              We're in something of a rut, too. PB&J and turkey sandwiches hold pride of place, but this past week a bagel and cream cheese was met with excitement. I mix up the sides a little bit more. Edamame is usually welcome as is yogurt in any flavor but "red," the more exotic, the better. During the winter when fresh fruit isn't that interesting, I'll make up a home-made trail mix like toastnjam suggested or send canned lychees or other Asian fruit.

              Since my daughter's school emphasizes healthy lunches and doesn't allow cookies and cake at lunch I save the cookies and chips for after-school snack. She has a heavy schedule of sports and muisc most afternoons so the sugar rush and carb energy are very useful then.

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                Love the pizza-on-a-stick! I'm definately going to try those! Thanks.