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Favorite willamette valley vineyards

want to do a bit of wine tasting this weekend with my mum, who will be in town. Only done limited exploration of the area wineries. Wondering what you favorite wineries are for a day of wine tasting. Enjoy bigger reds in general.

I'm in Portland-- so thinking Newberg area since it is an easy day trip, unless you have other closeby ideas.

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  1. Torii Mor for Pinot Noir. The Tasting Room is very Zen and peaceful. Try the Olsen Vineyard or Temperance Hill Pinot Noir's - they're absolutely terrific. Other Pinots are okay, but not as good. Torii Mor's whites are mediocre as far as I'm concerned. The Pinot Noirs are worth the short drive up the gravel road to the Tasting Room!!

    1. Was just in Willamette Valley 2 weekends ago! We really enjoyed Sokol Blosser.

      1. I've never cottoned to Torii Mor. My must stops are always Winter's Hill and Domaine Drouhin. But it's all fun and mostly delish. Lange does some great chard, as does Helvetia, if you want to mix it up.

        1. I'm fond of the Owen Roe folks and their wines, in St. Paul, Oregon. I think they're a bit outside the Willamette valley, but worth a little detour.

          1. Domain Drouhin, Domain Serene, Archery Summit. In that order.

            1. Anyone visited Lange Estate or Winderlea?

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                Amity, Erath, Patton Valley, Elk Cove, and Beran by appt only (worth it!).

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                  The folks at Lange are wonderfully friendly and I loved the wine when I visited about a year ago.

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                    Winderlea has gorgeous views from their tasting room, but I wasn't excited by their wines.

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                      Lange is very nice, especially for the chard.

                    2. With out of towners we usually hit Domain Serene, DD and Archery Summit, all three are close together. Then we head to Dundee Bistro for lunch.

                      1. we just got back from a couple days in the valley. Best wines we tasted were at Archery Summit and Penner-Ash. We also quite liked Brickhouse (by appt only) and also Patton Valley (wines + setting).

                        Torii Mor wines were disappointing. Ditto Solena. Mixed reviews from the group on Rex Hill (which I quite liked). Wanted to try Beaux Freres and Ken Wright, but weren't able to.

                        Wines at Bergstrom were impressive, but . . . 20 bucks for a tasting (waived only with $200 purchase). Come on!

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                          $20 for a tasting fee is a bit steep indeed... Was this over Labor Day weekend? Some places increase their fees over Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Memorial Day weekends.

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                            No, this was just last Friday. I can only imagine what holiday rates would be!!