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Sep 1, 2009 08:41 PM

Family trip to Lancaster, PA for Dutch Wonderland...

We are heading there this weekend and as wonderful as amusement park food can be, I am looking for a real meal with the kids after the park. It will probably be dinner time on Friday. Do you have any suggestions for a meal in the area, and not the all you can eat buffets. Thanks for your help, my Chowhound friend always suggest the best places!

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  1. Unfortunately, the food in DW is not that good, and the choices in the immediate area are almost all chains. The exceptions are asian, don't know if your kids are willing, and the only one of those I've been to in the past year is Olive & Jasmine, which was nice, but didn't knock my socks off. We did have our kids with us (6 & 7 at the time) and the place seemed slightly quiet and fussy for them. My kids behaved just fine, but I felt on edge about them talking too loudly or such, which makes for a less enjoyable evening for me. I wish there were other options out that way, but most of the development is strip malls and outlets, which cater to the chain restos. My advice would be to accept that any trip that involves taking your kids to an amusement park is just not going to be about getting good food - then, enjoy the park.

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      Its true- you will be surrounded by chain restaurants as you leave DW. Lemongrass on Rte 30 is usually pretty good thai food. Its not a huge place, but there is plenty of room if you're kids are jumpy. If you're willing to travel a bit into downtown Lancaster, there are a bunch of great options.

    2. Try the Good N' Plenty diner. It's an experience.

      1. There isn't much out that way except chains. Not sure about The Brasserie. I haven't been there since it was D.S. Brasserie and then it was decent. If you head into the City, you have a much wider range. Alley Kat has wonderful pizza, soup and sandwiches. The Alley Kat, 30 West Lemon Street Lancaster, PA 17603. Rachel's Cafe and Creperie should be open until 8. There are numerous ethnic places as well. And I'm sure other CHers can recommend more downtown places open late. If you are going this Friday night, it is First Friday so the galleries will be open, some (Annex24 for sure) will have live music, and there will be activity downtown. There is also an incredible ice cream place called Carmen and David's on North Prince Street right next to Central Market and the Fulton. They make all their very interesting flavors (Nutter Butter, mint from locally grown mint, mojito sorbet, grapenut, etc.) from scratch and are open until 9:30 or 10.

        Have fun.

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          Thanks so much for the suggestions. We are going this Friday, so depending on how tired the kids and grandparents are, we might make it to the gallery crawl. So downtown is the place for good food just the kid friendly kind is the best for this situation. We will look into the Alley Kat.