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Sep 1, 2009 08:33 PM

liquor search....

Good day Chihounders,

im going to be in the city on the weekend and i heard that there is a huge liquor store that sells all kinds of liquors. the place is the size of a football fields or something. am i making any sense? your help would be appreciated.


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  1. Sam's or Binny's are the only places I can think of

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    1. re: whereurmouthiz

      A nice selection in either to be sure, but football field? not so much.

    2. Sam's at North and Clybourne is football field sized.

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      1. re: Vlajos

        cool thanks.. that must be it.

        1. re: ttran88

          The one on Ogden in Naperville is quite huge! LOVE to go there and roam up and down the aisles when we have to spend our vacation there.......

          1. re: ttran88

            No problem. It's a great store. The variety is amazing.

        2. It has to be the Binny's South Loop Store. I believe it is the biggest of the Binny's. It is pretty massive.

          Binny's (South Loop)
          1132 S. Jefferson St., Chicago
          Tel: (312) 768-4400