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Sep 1, 2009 08:16 PM

Molson Ale

I think Molson used to sell a beer that was called Molson Ale and I haven't seen it in years.
Do they still make it and is it sold anywhere in the US?

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  1. Back a few decades, when Molson was the #2 import brand in the US, they exported 2 ales (along with the "Canadian" brand beer) - Golden Ale and Export Ale. At some point, the Golden (blue and white label) morphed into a Lager and the red labeled Export Ale came to be called "Molson Ex". Both still exists in Canada but neither are on the list of imported beers of MillerCoors, tho' I thought the Golden at least is still exported to the US, and both are still on a lot of stores/bars websites, etc.

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      Had a couple of Molson Goldens last week - ice cold and refreshing with none of that lucky beer flavor to get in the way. ;-) Didn't realize the goldon is now a lager and didn't look at the bottle all that long. Molson Golden was our go to import during my formative years in Upstate NY - but I remember a drastic decline in quality around the same time they switched to twist off bottles and became much cheaper to buy in the early 90's.

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        Yes that was it Export Ale,long gone in the US I assume, but still availabe in Cananda maybe?

        1. re: rcspott

          Yes, still sold in Canada and I wouldn't necessary say "long gone in the US"- since the Molson Golden isn't listed on the MillerCoors site either and it's obviously still available. Not being listed on the website probably only means it has limited distribution (along the Canadian border in the Northeast apparently) and little promotion. It was still being imported in 2008 according to records. Guess the only way to find out is call up your local Coors distributor and ask if they carry it in your region.

      2. What was the Brador? My college roomate was from Buffalo, and would talk about going to Canada to get Brador. This would have been in the 70's. Wasn't it a fairly high alcohol content beer?

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          Brador was a bit stronger than the regular stuff, but not exceedingly so, probably less than 6% abv. I believe it was all malt. I've had it, but not in the last 25 years.

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            A "malt liquor" (or, as the label also proclaimed - "liqueur de malt") but, somewhat unusually, brewed with an ale yeast (IIRC)- abv = 6.2%. In the 1970's in the US, that was pretty high alcohol content (tho' a few US malt liquors and ales reached 7% and over).

            They eventually exported it to the US in the then-standard classic Canadian stubby bottles (tho' that changed later in different US markets- I was in NY state just over the border and the bottles were returnables/refillables).

          2. I have missed this ale !! I will ask someone i work with that lives close to the border to see if she can find it. I don't know when they stopped selling the red label (Molson Ale), or why. I live in VT, close enough to Canada to imagine that some of it might make it's way thru the border.

            Now that micro breweries have appeared everywhere, it is possible to get an ale with a similar bite and the skunky flavor. Still, I'd love to get access to the Red Label if it is still being made. It was always great to have a rack in the fridge to grab one when you wanted it.

            Then again, didn't Molson merge w/ Coors? Ugh. Maybe that's why it disappeared. :(

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            1. re: finsmudder

              > "I live in VT, close enough to Canada to imagine that
              > some of it might make it's way thru the border."

              That's not how legal beer shipments make it to the US - either it's registered on the Federal level and exported (in this case, via MillerCoors) or it is not.

              MolsonCoors' own website's page for what is now called Molson Export Ale notes it is only sold in Canada, in long neck brown glass.

              After this thread began, the brewing of Molson Golden for the US market (where it supposedly was always more popular than in Canada) moved, and it is now brewed under-contract at MillerCoors breweries in the US. And, according to it's M-C page, Golden is now sold only in the United States.

              The same is true for Molson Ice, apparently.

              It is amazing how much of the "Imported beer" segment market share the Molson brand has lost in the US (as noted above, it was once the #2 import) - not sure what affect, if any, the Molson-Coors merger had on that.

              In the past 40 years or so, Mexico and Canada have switched places as far as North American beer imports to the US is concerned.

              1. re: JessKidden

                Hey, Thanks!! That info is really helpful.

                If I can't buy it here, I guess I'll plan a weekend in Montreal - which is not a bad thing!

                Again, thanks so much!

              2. re: finsmudder

                I'm in Florida and they carry both Molson Canadian (lager)and Molson Golden (ale) here

                1. re: finsmudder

                  Hi, were you able to find the Molson Export Ale near you? I'm in central jersey and I have been searching for it for 2 years. There was one store upstate ny that carried it but they wouldn't ship me a case. It's like 5 hours away. Let me know please?