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Sep 1, 2009 07:59 PM

Trip across the south: Atlanta, Charleston, Memphis, MS Delta

From New Orleans and very serious about is our itinerary so far for our trip. Looking for other suggestions or specific suggestions for dishes at a restaurant. Thank you.

Atlanta: (we have 2 dinners there) Eclipse di Luna and Floataway Cafe (OK Cafe came in third)

Charleston: (2 lunches, 1 brunch, 2 dinners) Magnolia's-L, Hominy Grill-L, Poogan's Porch-B, SNOB-D, and Fig-D (82 Queen, High Cotton, Pennisula Grill, Jestine's Fat Hen and Carolina's all barely missed out)

Summerville, SC- (1 Lunch) Dining Room at Woodlands Inn

Memphis: (1 Lunch, 1 dinner) Central OR BBQ Shop-L, Iris OR Andrew Michael-D

Cleveland, MS: (1 Dinner)- Airport Grocery

Tunica/Clarksdale: (2 lunches)- Blue and White, Hick's Tamale's or Hollywood Cafe (Rust was not open for lunch)

Greenwood/Clarksdale/Cleveland/Indianola: (1 Brunch) Madidi or Giardinia's (in the Alluvian)

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  1. I haven't lived in Atlanta in 5 years but those choices (esp Floataway) were a little tired then. Eclipse di Luna has great tapas, but wouldn't be in my top 10 Atl places depending on what you want.

    Memphis....BBQ Shop is much better than Central for me. I haven't been to Andrew Michael, but I really love Iris a lot.

    Greenwood-Giardinia's over Madidi personally, but thats been a long time.

    Oxford probably has better choices (unless it's a Sunday) than anywhere else within 100 miles (except Memphis).

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    1. re: tater

      So true on Oxford. Excellent restaurants for the size of town it is. But don't try eating on Sundays!

    2. I love your two choices for Atlanta, but maybe you should take a look at Woodfire Grill. Just another great option!

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      1. re: Katj

        Actually, for Atlanta, I wouldn't include either of those. They are both good, but there are better (and indeed, as tater indicated, less "tired") options. Abattoir, Woodfire Grill, Repast, Pura Vida, La Pietra Cucina, Holeman & Finch/Restaurant Eugene would be at the top of my list.

        1. re: biskuit

          Thank you...I am going to look into these ATL options.

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            We had a FABULOUS dinner at Rathbun's in Atlanta this past Friday night. I would definitely recommend it.

        2. Charleston: McCradys over SNOB if you are looking for more creative/innovative cooking. SNOB is quite good but I wouldn't call it adventurous.

          Memphis: Iris is wonderful...McEwens on Monroe is my other favorite (but I can't speak to your other choice).

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          1. re: MyNextMeal

            I had a really bad meal at McCradys once...years ago and I know everyone raves about it.

            1. re: MyNextMeal

              I have not been to McCradys, but I love SNOB. It has been a few years, but I would say it is fairly innovative and very, very good. One of the best meals I have ever eaten. The shad roe was amazing!