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Sep 1, 2009 06:52 PM

PBS Series - The Winemakers ???

Anybody have any info on when this series will air? It was originally supposed to begin about now but the PBS site doesn't seem to have any info on it and the site for the show itself suggests that it just began filming its SECOND season in August. I even saw a blog posts from someone who said their friend was in the elimination for the final spot on the show and it was dated 8/9/09. So where is it. did I miss Season 1 altogether??

I've found a few blog posts indicating that this show has been gestating for almost 4 years now (or would that be cellaring?), so people are skeptical as to whether it will ever air, but it seems to be underway now. The site says it begins this month.

Anyone out there connected to PBS????

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  1. If anyone's interested.................. The show is airing today on KLCS, which is the PBS outlet in Los Angeles, run by the LA Schools.

    1. It ran in southeastern PA a couple of weeks ago.

      1. "The Winemakers and Uncorked: Wine Made Simple will air all day long on Saturday, January 30th on PBS affiliates nationwide." -- from the website.

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          Thanks for that info. I've been trying to remember to burn one of the episodes for my daughter but keep forgetting to look for the re-runs. A whole day should be enough.

          I was a bit disappointed in most of the show but thought the (next to last?) episode, where they did labels and a marketing strategy, was pretty good. I'm not sure what I wanted the show to be, but kinda thought they could have gone a little deeper into things. Then, again, these shows always do a huge edit job so maybe what was shown was only someone's idea of what the general audience would like.

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            Yes, this is a marathon airing on Create TV this weekend.

            Click here for more details:

            1. re: maria lorraine

              Thanks for the info. I did get to see all the episodes since my original post.

              I really didn't find the show all that informative but figured they probably wanted something rather superficial for the general audience. I did find the blending, label design and marketing strategy sections to be pretty good compared with the rest. I especially wanted my daughter, who is in corporate marketing at one of the wine giants, to see the label/marketing episode. I keep forgetting to record it for her. Will do it on the 30th.

              1. re: Midlife

                I think that bland tone is more a product of it being produced by the same outfit that made Uncorked: Wine Made Simple with Ted Allen. Sad to say, but being on PBS is not a sure sign of a high-quality production. I thought this was very amateur-hour, and not in a good way.
                Doc City Productions has produced more television programming about wine than anyother production company in the United States. Doc City
                Productions and SCETV have delivered three series about wine to Public Television. DocCity Productions founder Kevin Whelan created WINE 101 (1996) narrated by DavidHyde Pierce, Tales From the Vineyard with French-American chef Serge David, and Uncorked: Wine Made Simple (2007) with Ted Allen (Queer Eye).

            2. I saw one episode on KQED (San Francisco) a couple weeks ago, what a snoozer.

              1. I was so excited about this program, and then so disappointed in it. The potential was huge. I keep meaning to write them a letter about why I will not watch a second season. It wasn't until there were only a couple of people left that I felt like I got to know anything about the contestants. The challenges sounded so interesting, but were skimmed over. They could have had so much information, but I learned nothing. Sometimes they didn't even really show what the contestants had done. I didn't like th judges. Sheesh, what a waste of time!