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Sep 1, 2009 05:54 PM

CAKE! In Lexington

Very quietly, about a week ago, Lexington gained a new bakery downtown. It's called Cake, and is housed in one of the repurposed victorian houses on Mass Ave. We noticed the small sign in the window and the handful of patrons at the seating on the porch yesterday. So after an early dinner, we walked on over.

It was about 6:30, and the shop closes at 6:00. However, the door was open and we walked in before we noticed the sign. The proprietor, Michelle, was very welcoming and said, "As long as I'm here, we're open." The shop is very small, and specializes in, not surprisingly, special occasion cakes. However, they also had three refrigerator cases full of lovely cupcakes (both full-sized and mini) and a few lovely cakes just ready to be finished with the customer's wording. They make everything from scratch in what looked like a completely spotless kitchen. They also seemed to offer coffee. It looks to be primarily a take-away bakery, though there is one small table with a few chairs on the porch.

So with the convenient excuse of getting my daughter a last-night-before-school-starts treat, we bought one each of the 7 cupcake flavors featured and hurried home with our stash of goodies. (Full-sized cupcakes are $2 each, and she takes credit cards - whew!).

I grabbed a menu on the way out, so I can relate what we tried in our grand cupcake tasting. Here goes:

Midnight Delight: Dense fudge cake filled with sweet chocolate pastry cream topped with Ghiradelli cocoa icing. (Chocolate heaven!)

Berries & Gold: Rich gold cake filled with fresh raspberry preserves and a whipped Chambord buttercream. (My daughter's favorite. It was topped with a beautiful little berry candy).

Mocha Express: Bittersweet chocolate cake iced in a cappuccino buttercream and garnished with a mocha espresso bean. (My favorite - great coffee flavor, lovely chocolate cake.)

Black Tie Affair: Sweet vanilla bean cake filled with our own pastry cream and dressed in ganache. (This was like the best Boston cream pie you've ever eaten. The ganache was a beautifully intense dark chocolate)

The Minuteman: Moist gold cake layered with strawberries (fresh from Wilson's Farm), light whipped cream then topped with a vanilla buttercream. (You read that right - whipped cream topped with buttercream. This was basically like a delicious, moist little strawberry shortcake.)

One that wasn't on the menu was basically like a devil dog - chocolate devil's food cake topped with white buttercream. This was my husband's favorite.

Last but not least, a very simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. My guess is this is to appeal to kids with less sophisticated tastes. We didn't taste it last night, and my husband snagged it for breakfast while we weren't looking.

On the menu but somehow we missed getting them, is also a carrot cake with pineapple cream cheese icing and a red velvet cake wth cream cheese icing. I can't wait to get back to try them.

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  1. Thank you! I know where I'm headed soon. I'll report back. The never-ending search for great cupcakes continues....

    1. Where on Mass Ave would this be? Thanks.
      I know some people are getting worn by the cupcake thing, but not me. its
      one of those can't-resist things which is made more fun by hitting new and old places
      and checking out crazy or old fashioned flavors. It makes me warm "all over my body".
      I wont' say who was famous for that'll give away my youthfulness :)

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      1. re: Buddernut

        Seconding Buddernut's request for landmarks - trying to read the discreet signs on those houses-cum-shops while driving by AND looking for a parking space is a recipe for a fender-bender....

        1. re: greygarious

          I'm terrible with remembering exactly where things are. If you're driving East towards Arlington, it's just past Lexx on the right.

          1. re: Eatin in Woostah

            Where the Paint-a-Plate type place is/was?

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              Sorry, I didn't know there was a paint-a-plate place. We've only been in Lexington a little over a year. It's next to a travel agency, past the rug place. I guess it's clear where my focus lies! I can find the food, but that's about it.

        2. re: Buddernut

          1628 Mass Ave.
          Lexington, MA 02420
          Contact: Michelle Ryan

        3. Thanks for this post! I stopped by on my way home and got one of each cupcake to share with friends this weekend. The place is super cute and has only been open a week and a half, which explains why even Google couldn't find it.

          I chatted with the owner and told her that I learned about the shop on Chowhound. She said she's really in the business of cakes for birthdays, showers, etc. but that the cupcake part seems to be popular.

          The cupcakes are super cute and are all nestled together in a box in my fridge, just waiting to be enjoyed. I was disappointed that there were no Midnight Delights but everything else was there. Will report back on all of them but especially the carrot cake!

          Thanks Eatin in Woostah!

          1. I stopped by today and got a mocha delight and then a minuteman cupcake. They didn't seem to have many cupcakes left but the ones I bought were fresh and not too sweet. I am not a frosting fan, so I scraped off most of the mocha frosting but enjoyed the cake. The minuteman cupcake was delicious--love the whipped cream!!

            For those who need more visual landmarks, as you travel from Lexington to Arlington, Cake is in the 3rd yellow building after Lexx. First there's a travel agency, then Gypsy Moon, and then you'll see a round sign that says Emilia Creations (or something) on the next building-- pale yellow and what I like to call gingerbread trim, but I have no idea if that's what it's really called. Cake is around the corner of that same building as Emilia Creations.

            Thanks for letting us know about this place!

            1. I'll offer the faint praise that this is the best cupcakery I've tried - the price is tolerable at $2 each for an average sized cupcake with a dollop of soft-serve styled frosting - and the somewhat dense cake was moist, flavorful and not too sweet (tried yellow, red velvet, and carrot - all consistently good if a bit dense).

              There is no retailing to speak of - just a fridge with some cupcakes in it with some labels on them (not all accurate) and inventory was pretty low on Thursday mid-afternoon..?

              The cream cheese frosting was much too sweet for my taste - prefer more cream cheese than sugar and the plain white buttercream was also a bit too sweet but sufficiently buttery to merit a thumbs up.

              The proprietor was courteous and professional, but not especially warm or friendly when I was there - and I was the only customer at the time.

              Still haven't found the cupcake shop that's destination-worthy to me, but this is miles ahead of Sweet and Lulus/Lyndells for me.