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Sep 1, 2009 04:50 PM

Cafe Ponte

I have reservations there for Saturday, any comments. Any must haves to try?

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  1. I always get my foie gras fix at Cafe Ponte the preparations vary but always good. The calamari is addictive. Enjoy!

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    1. re: juli5122

      The first time I ever had foie gras was at Cafe Ponte. I have a new LOVE! I have tried it elsewhere since then, but nothing compares. Ooooh!!!

    2. I love their mushroom soup in addition to the calamari. But then, I don't think has ever really disappointed me there.

      1. i don't think you can go wrong. enjoy!

        1. On a slightly unrelated note, anyone know when Peel is opening and where it is? I'm having trouble finding any definite information. First I thought it was supposed to open this month, but I haven't seen anything remotely possible in the areas where it's supposed to be (Linebaugh/Dale Mabry or Lowry Park area).

          1. The steak au poivre was excellent AND huge! The sauce was so melt in your mouth!