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Sep 1, 2009 04:43 PM

My review of Bar*Food. Home of the $0 hot dog

Full write-up with lots of pictures:

Located near the Wilshire and Bundy intersection, Bar*Food sits in the space once occupied by Zu Robata (which I tried once and found to be quite mediocre.) Bar*Food's reputation on Yelp is stellar--as of this writing it stands at 4 stars with 100 reviews--and so I was looking forward to giving this place a try during my usual Thursday happy hour outing.

The happy-hour menu includes the bar burger at $6 (versus $9), a selection of tap pours at $3.50 each, and a house red for $5. Another big draw is the inclusion of free hot dogs. Yes. Free hot dogs, full-size. They're on the happy hour menu. Price: $0. You're not going to find a deal like that on the west side.

As for the food:
Frites: just OK but needed more seasoning to make them stand out.

Potato Puffs: Battered and deep-fried mashed potato balls. These were delicious and I practically finished the entire basket.

Edamame: pan fried in black bean sauce. Very tasty but also a bit messy, especially for me :


The $0 hot dog: Just as good as your basic hot dog. The simple mustard/ketchup/onion preparation works just fine.

Bar burger: Delicious. Meat has hints of soy sauce. I would have liked a better quality bun but overall this was very good.

Thai Bangers and Mash: My favorite dish of the night. The bangers were juicy and full of flavor. It came with cilantro mashed potatoes which were very good. Like BBQ comfort food kicked up a notch.

Spicy Tuna: Another hit with our group. The nicely seasoned and very spicy tuna sits atop deep-fried bricks of rice. I could eat an entire plate of these.

Bread pudding: a bit denser than your typical bread pudding but the taste and softness make this a must try. A generous scoop of ice cream pairs perfectly with the bread.

The scene at Bar*Food on a Thursday wasn't too crowded. Waitress was helpful and prompt, our food--except for the bread pudding--came out in reasonable times, and the crowd seemed chill. This is definitely a place I'll be returning to shortly.

12217 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90025

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  1. Thanks for the update, havepixel, I've been wondering about that place, and how it has fared so far. With decent food & prices like that , sounds like when word gets out, it'll be perpetually crowded. will have to try it soon - thanks!

    1. What was the beer selection like?

      Or am I missing the point of the place?

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      1. re: Bjartmarr

        Beer selection is very respectable. Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Black Butte, and others. I had the Bar Blonde which was nice, the house red, and a glass of Malbec which was very good. They don't have a full bar, however, so no mixed drinks. I would almost classify this place as a subdued Father's Office, which is a good thing in my opinion.

        1. re: havepixel

          Their beer list is the equivalent of a fisher price my first beer...terrible

          1. re: ronnie_gaucho

            Here's the full list:

            I wouldn't compare this to FO or Yard House, but this is certainly better than most sit-down restaurants. It would be nice, though, if they had a full bar.

            1. re: ronnie_gaucho

              Not quite that bad, they've got half a dozen craft brews. Nothing worth going out of your way for, though.

        2. When is their happy hour?

          Do they have TVs? ie, would it be a good spot to watch a game and grab food and drinks?

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          1. re: mdpilam

            There was a flat screen near our table along the window but the volume was turned down and I don't think anyone was paying attention to it. This might be not be a good place to watch sports--you're probably better off at SF Saloon, Qs, etc.

            Happy hour is 5-7pm (and everyday I believe)

          2. Pixel, Great review! I will be checking this place out very soon! Free hotdogs?!?! WOW, whos cant luv free hot dogs?!