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Sep 1, 2009 04:35 PM

ISO - best coconut shrimp SFV - LA


Did a search - nuthin'.

Looking for the best coconut shrimp out there.

I'm talking about those fried, crispy, coconut-crusted delights with tender, perfectly cooked (not over-cooked) shrimp within.

Handy to Studio City/Universal City a plus.

happy hour availability -- even better!

thanks, 'houndz

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    1. If all else fails you can get the frozen ones at Trader Joes. Not great but good for home food.

      1. Can't think of a restaurant having these, but friends rave about the coconut shrimp at the Outback chain. I'd try to make them otherwise.

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          OK, this is not going to help you locationally, but (with apologies to WestsideGal), I really love the greasy coconut-spackled shrimp in Playa del Rey (on Pershing, not far from LAX) at Berri's Playa Cafe. The appetizer portion is really fine for a dinner ... as an appetizer you would HAVE to have two people chowing down on it. It's served with a tart, deep tamarind dipping sauce that goes really well with it. It's not very bready, just sort of a greasy coconut amalgamation meltdown on decent-sized shrimp.

          8415 Pershing Dr Playa Del Rey, CA 90293 310-823-6658

          If you go there and someone else needs something else to eat, the mushroom goat cheese (I think that's it) pizza is, I think, quite nice. And I've had the salmon dinner before and it's been fine.

        2. They have coconut shrimp as an appetizer, not usually listed on the menu. Delicious!

          363 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105