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Sep 1, 2009 04:25 PM

trattoria lincontro 1st Timer

I can't believe that hearing about trattoria lincontro for years, this week will be my first time there. Would love to hear, and will appreciate, any of your suggestions for what you enjoyed as well as to avoid. Thanks

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  1. I have been three times and everything I have had was very good. The key is focusing on a few items whilethe menu is read to you. There are a lot of specials and deciding early what you want (fish or pasta or meat) really helps in the ordering process.

    1. Its not a suggestion for a dish, but I have found them to be very accommodating re sharing dishes. So as to sample as many dishes as possible, I've shared a pasta followed by a shared entree (preceded by shared appetizers, of course). Enjoy

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        I have been there numerous times. The food is always good. They have a regular menu and the waiter reads you off the specials for about ten minutes. Food and service always great and very acccommodating.

      2. after hearing many many great reviews of this restaurant we have plans to finally check it out the weekend after labour day weekend... i look forward to your reviews and recommendations.

        1. Thanks all for your feedback. Will write back how it was and what we had.

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            excellent...I look forward to it.

          2. I've been there a few times and I don't think we had anything off the regular menu yet. Every time they've had so many wonderful specials that we've opted for. I haven't had even a good meal there...everything has been EXCEPTIONAL, including the service.