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Sep 1, 2009 04:04 PM

PHX - Anyone tried Tutto yet?

Does anyone have any reports on this restaurant yet? Opened in the space that Digestif used to be located. Some of the items on the menu sound intriguing....

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  1. OR..Gutierrez’s other restaurant Acua? Where Canal used to be. link to menu...

    1. We tried Tutto a couple of weeks ago, and while decent, I doubt I'll be back. I'm not sure if it was the server's fault, but I just felt like it was all very pretentious for no reason. I know not everyone is as knowledgeable about the food they're ordering, and I understand that a lot of people do appreciate an explanation, but to me, our server just seemed very know-it-all. Also, who doesn't have iced tea? I really didn't feel like a drink, and when I asked for an iced tea, and our server simply said they didn't have any. And then offered me the wine list. Um, I asked for an iced tea, but thank you... I had some sort of anglotti with shrimp, and I remember the flavors being okay, but the shrimp were on the smaller side and were over cooked. If you're going to crown my dish with three shrimp, they better be big and they better be worth making the star of the plate. My boyfriend had orecchiette with some sort of dark green and sausage, and it pretty much just tasted like fennel. I remember there were a few interesting looking larger entrees, but I honestly wasn't that hungry, so maybe I just ordered the wrong thing? Which honestly wasn't bad, just not anything great. I believe we went on a Thursday, and the dining room was pretty empty, but there were a few women at the bar being incredibly loud. That's all fine and dandy, but I feel like with all the choices for drinks in the area, why there? I know there have been complaints on how loud Digestif was, but I honestly never had a problem like I did that night.

      So I'm not sure if it was was I ordered, my distaste for our server, or the loud dining room, but I personally won't be rushing back, especially with so many other things that I know I like in the area.