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Sep 1, 2009 03:06 PM

lunch alone

I want to treat myself to a nice meal this week, and thought a lunch would be fun. (I have the week off but unfortunately none of my friends do, and I couldn't cajole anyone into visiting me.)

Does anyone know of good spots to eat lunch alone? So far all I've thought of is Momofuku Ssam.


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    1. when i want i really nice lunch alone, i am prone to thinki sushi.

      and when i do, i tend to hit up either shimizu, gari or seki.

      maybe i am too ascetic, but i have never mustered up the gumption to eat at yasuda alone. too special.

      1. A few months ago I enjoyed a lovely lunch a Nougatine- just walked in without a reservation to be seated at the bar. Exceptional food and gracious service- chose 2 fish courses and the molten chocolate cake for dessert.

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          Gotta second Nougatine at the bar. Amazing food (it's Jean Georges after all), the bar is elegant, and the price unbeatable. I also had 2 fish courses and the molten chocolate cake, but at a table w 2 other people. I noted how cool the bar was.

        2. I've done a couple of solo lunches at Momofuku Ssam. Always satisfied and happy that I chose the restaurant..