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Sep 1, 2009 02:33 PM

Sunday birthday meal with family

My brother and I are taking our other brother and his wife out to a meal this Sunday for his birthday. I'm looking for a good, not too expensive place to take them for brunch, lunch, or dinner. (Probably $150-$175 max for all four, not including drinks.) We're located in Newton, but happy to drive into Boston or anywhere else nearby. I know this is kind of vague, but I figure I'm opening the door for people to rant about their favorite places in the Boston area. Please commence!

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  1. there are a number of places with reliable prix fixe menus that might work for you: Da Vinci is 35.00 for 3 courses for example and I think La Morra is 29.00. Rendezvous also has such a menu I think.

    1. what about a fun place like a Rodizio (sp) where they bring around more meat than you could possibly eat. It is fixed price around 25bux each. Midwest grill is one and there is one in Lowell called Tabocas.

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        1. Probably not as convenient for you but I love the Craigie on Main (cambridge) brunch. It's a great way to enjoy that restaurant at a more reasonable price. Also since it is Sunday it is a little easier to park since you can park in a resident spot on a side street if nothing is available on Main or Mass. Ave. The garage on Green Street is also reasonably priced and not a far walk. The entrees are between $12-18 and are generous but there are also plenty of yummy sides you can get. Great bloody mary's too!