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Food Network Humor

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    1. One of my favorite sites lately! They are spot on with a few of the FN "celebs!!"

      1. ROFLMAO!
        Now I have a Real reason to purchase adult disposable underwear. How did I not find this site before?

        I've spent a lot of time on Amazon.com recently, so this entry got my attention:

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        1. re: DiveFan

          Holy God:
          Pro: Sandra Lee might teach you a new recipe.
          Con: It is already on the back of a Cool Whip lid.

          Freaking funny site. sadly true.

        2. I read the entire site, hilarious!!

          1. This site is one of my favorites- they are so spot on about pretty much every personality's "quirks" haha.

            1. I found that site, somehow, about two months ago and visit it for a rejuvenating chuckle whenever the burdens and tedium of everyday responsibilities become too...burdensome and tedious.

              I was always satisfied to know that I am at least smart enough to get by in life, but after visiting FNH for a while, I find myself yearning to know what it's like to be as brilliant and spot-on about everything as the FNH authors. :-)

              P.S. "Rig-ahh-TON-eighhh!" LOL

              1. wonderful. Thank you for sharing

                1. That is hysterical! Now I really love Guy Fieri, but the humor is spot on. Fieria hair color---Whoooo that 's a hoot!
                  THANKS FOR SHARING :)

                  1. A very funny site.

                    My favorite posts the emails they receive from people who think that they are emailing the Food Network.: http://foodnetworkhumor.com/2009/08/w...

                    They also had a field day when Sandra lee was nominated for hair and make up Emmys.