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Sep 1, 2009 02:19 PM

Crazies Ice Cream Rumson NJ

Stopped here today during my travels.
Could not figure out what ice cream to try.

Asked the young man at the counter what flavor he recommended, he said, I don't know, what do you like, I have tried all of the flavors but it is really difficult to make a suggestion that pleases all of the people all of the time, I make suggestions, I do my best, but sometimes people are just not happy.

Then a bunch of kids entered the store. They were wearing jerseys, half one color, half another color, all of the kids on the same team picked the same ice cream except one kid. He looked at the choices, got up on his tippy toes at times, and then picked an obscure flavor. All the kids made fun of him. He just ate his ice cream.
Decided to have what he had.

Opted for Malt Ball Ice Cream - Yummy!
It made me smile.
A great way to end my summer before returning to work.

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  1. also my favorite flavor!!!!...i also suggest the beach plum in bradley beach (?) great rum raisn, cherry vanilla..also the ice cream parlor on the boardwalk in asbury..cant remember the name but had fantastic ginger ice cream

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      asbury park boardwalk ice cream place - eddie confetti

    2. I drive by this place and always swear they named the place after me. Aside from that, I have never been, but have heard fabulous things about the place! Cute story!!

      1. I believe they use Thomas Sweet ice cream which is good. This placed was /is owned by a local Rumson legend who passed away who was known as a very large hearted kinda crazy man. he was once arrested for alledgedly going with a rifle to rid the world of Ivan Boesky He also was rumored to have anonomously bought a teacher who was retiring from Henry Hudson his dream car a Ferrari Tom Selleck model 308 GTS I remember reading he was on trial it was revealed he was on lithium for health disorders. I appreciate someone who can laugh at himself and I think of John every time I ride by. he was a good man and had a nice ice cream place worth trying

        1. I think they are over priced and well I prefer Gracie and Dude's in Sea Brite over these guys.