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Sep 1, 2009 01:59 PM

How to eat like a pirate?

September 19 every year is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and this year I also want to eat like a pirate (do not have to dress like one, that's Halloween). While I'm sure that Pirates didn't necessarily eat all that well (unless you're the Captain) what are your suggestions for period-authentic food to serve at a Pirate gathering. Of course, we will swill grog and other rum-based libations.

Note to Mods - if this should be on Home Cooking please move it and I'll do a heads-up here.

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  1. hARRRRRd boiled eggs, of course

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      that made me laugh!

      i read somewhere (though i doubt you want to serve it up as anything other than an interesting fact) that pirates would put iron nails into apples and let them rust before eating the apples so they would get their iron.

    2. There's an entire cookbook (or is it a culinary anthropology experiment?) dedicated to British naval cuisine during the Napoleanic wars. Here's the web page for the book:

      Google Books has excerpts here:

      Maybe a sea pie and dried peas with salt pork, with boiled baby for dessert? I'd recommend against serving your guests "millers in onion sauce," p. 230.

        1. Not in the period/authentic vein, but my theme for food and drink on ITLAPD is that everything must involve limes and/or rum, so that nobody goes to bed cursed with scurvy and/or sobriety. Ceviche is one of my perennials ('s at least period if not necessarily all that pirate-y), as are proper daiquiris (tastier than authentic grog), but I do different things every year.

          Do keep in mind that not all pirates are British, so even within the limits of authenticity you've got lots of cuisines to choose from...although I wouldn't begin to know how to talk like a Chinese pirate. Personally, I think this year I'm doing my traditional ceviche starter and then maybe jerk chicken. YARR!

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            Heaven forbid that any of us should go to bed cursed with sobriety!

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                Actually, this year I might go with KiltedCook's salmagundi. With a lime-based vinaigrette, of course. ;)

            1. What kind of socks does a pirate wear........Arrrrrguiles....
              Smoked turkey leg and a bottle of rum....(and Johhny Depp)

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                I was thinking drumsticks of some sort, too...not sure how traditional it is, but it seems to lend itself to a growling "arrrgh" while pulling the meat off the bone...