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Sep 1, 2009 01:29 PM

ginza japanese buffet in boynton beach

anyone try it? any reviews? thanks!

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  1. i tried this place for lunch today and found it outstanding everything was fresh and quite delicious. $8.95 for lunch quite reasonable for what you get and $16.95 for dinner still not a bad price for some of the freshist japanese food in south fl

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    1. re: jgoldfield

      Sounds great! Where is it? It isn't in the Boynton phone book.

      1. re: flyinge

        It's new. BBB and Congress (SW corner)

    2. I do not eat at buffets. Don't like them, food is never fresh. This place, Ginza in Boynton Beach is really good. Sushi is fresh, always. Also some Chinese hot foods, but I don't waste any time with them. Amazing selection of rolls for under $9 for lunch or $16 for dinner. The dinner selection is unreal. Never had a bad meal there. Been there over 15 times, now my in-laws (also foodies) love it.

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      1. re: divercritter

        Went there a few days ago for dinner , You get what you pay for.

        Good Things New sparkling well designed interior and furnishings.
        Large attractive looking display of Sush and Sashimi
        Pleasant service.

        Not So Good Things. ( Common to All Sushi Buffets)
        Anything with Nori Wrap (sea weed) gets soggy when it stands for ten minutes
        Not any better than any other Japanes Buffets


        1. re: albee

          I agree with Albee. On Tuesday (February 15th, 2010), I went to Ginza with 5 (Five) people for lunch. The Sushi was average and the two teenagers liked the Chinese style food. After awhile, we saw the manager staring at us. We did not think anything of it. Five minutes later, the waitress informed us that we had to eat more of the rice with the sushi. If we did not, we would be charged 25 cents for each group piece of rice not eaten with the sushi. We were shocked. WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS. We asked if there was a sign or menu stating this policy. We were not provided with anything. Many times, we have been to the other Japanese buffets including the three Kyogin buffets (Boca and Ft. Lauderdale areas) and the Crazy Buffet (West Palm Beach). THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED AT THE OTHER RESTAURANTS. Additionally, one of the people in our group was 11 years old and didn't eat much but GINZA ownership did not complain that he did not eat enough. We told the management that we cannot come back. He said that he didn't care that it was our decision. As a new restaurant in the area, they have a lot to learn. They need to state their policy for all to see as you enter the restaurant AND provide a menu that states clearly their "MUST EAT THE RICE WITH THE SUSHI" POLICY.

          Bob Curry (spokesman fo)r the group of 5)

          1. re: Bob Curry

            Every all you can eat sushi place I have ever been to has a “you have to eat all the rice policy.” I have personally never been to Ginza, but that’s a pretty common thing in both New York and Florida.
            Although it is usually more common in a regular sushi restaurant with an AYCE menu option, they can be huge sticklers with the “no sharing” thing as well…
            After all they want you to fill up on rice and eat less fish, more economical for them.

            1. re: Asumnuthin

              Dear Asumnuthin, thanks for the response. Kyogin Sushi Buffet (3 locations in Fl - see website) and Crazy Sushi Buffet (2 Locations in Fl - see website) do not have a 'rice' policy like Ginza. If Ginza had the policy posted, we would have driven 10 miles down the road to Kyogin. Additionally, Minados sushi buffet has 4 locations in the Northeast (NY, PA, and MA) without a 'Must Eat Rice' policy. Therefore, from our experience we feel Ginza should openly state their policy with a sign and/or written menu . It was our first experience with this type of situation. We understand why they do it. You are correct. Thanks for your perspective.

            2. re: Bob Curry

              I have seen something like this posted at a restaurant recently It stated (verbatim) That "excessive waste of food would result in a surcharge".

              I would never ever ever ever eat at a restaurant where the manager embarrassed us publicly like that. I cannot imagine you wasted so much rice that it would need to call attention to you.

              1. re: Bob Curry

                First I've seen your same comments at several sites. As Asumnuthin has written most restaurants in NY and NJ do have a "must eat your rice" policy. I've been to Minados in Carle Place LI and Little Ferry, NJ. They both have large signs that say you will be charged extra for not eating your rice.