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Sep 1, 2009 01:09 PM

Columbia Heights Delivery Options?

Ok, I know this topic was posted previously, but it was about 2 years ago, and with the rate of growth in Columbia Heights I figured something has to have changed.

I just moved to Columbia Heights, 14th/Irving, and was wondering what are some stars in the food delivery department if there are any. I've been living in DC for about two years but lived downtown, so am really only familiar with Chen's.

So, any chowhounders have recommendations in the food delivery department? What do you normally order when you don't feel like cooking or picking up.

Also, any other general recommendations for Columbia Heights? I'm a big fan of everything, especially ethnic food, and yes I've seen other recommendations on this board, just looking for any new finds.


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  1. I live in Shaw, but both Chix and Taqueria Distrito Federal deliver to me, so they would probably deliver to you. Taylor Gourmet would be worth a try for you, too. You'd have to call to confirm.

    1. I have no idea whether they deliver, but Pho 14, a Vietnamese restaurant at 14-something Park, is a very nice place that has served me good food every time I've eaten there. Pho, other soup, banh mi, noodle dishes, etc.

      1. The Himalyan restaurant on 18th delivers -- I've only eaten there once and haven't tried delivery yet, but that's a relatively new one.

        We order a lot from Spices and Pepitos (although TDF is closer to you) and Iyoti, the Indian restaurant on 18th -- we live a few block west of you. Thai Tanic said it wouldn't deliver to us (although I've seen their van in front of my building), but maybe will to you. We've tried various pizza places, nothing to really recommend, but the newer place on Mt Pleasant (not Radius) satisfied the one time we ordered from them, although maybe just because we were really really hungry.

        I haven't been very happy with Pho 14, but need to try it again. If you haven't been yet to Riconcito II, across the street and a little east of the giant Giant, be sure to try it. At Columbia Heights day there was a Salvadoran bakery giving out free samples that were pretty tasty, but now I can't think where they're located on 14th -- north of you I'm pretty sure, maybe on the way to TDF. I also went to Riconcito Deportivo the first time on CH day, and the pupusa was good and a decent agua fresca, I don't know if it's more of a bar usually.

        The Mt. Pleasant farmers market I think is closest to you (closer than the U St one, right?), and it's really nice. Not the madhouse that Dupont can be.

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          I had Pete's Apizza the other night, and they said they deliver. Pretty expensive, however it was really good IMO, New Haven style pizza.

          1. re: WestEnderJMU

            I didn't realize they deliver, that's a good tip. I lived in New Haven for a little while, and Pete's actually doesn't seem like New Haven pizza to me, I dont' really get that, but I like it. I also like their salads and antipasti kind of stuff. I haven' t been to Red Rocks Pizza in a long time, like it, but I can't imagine they deliver. Their porch would be nice in this weather (probably not so many mosquitos).