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Sep 1, 2009 12:47 PM

Eggspectation and expectations?

Some out of town friends treated my daughter and myself to breakfast last Sunday. The food was just ok, the noise level was horrible and then 2 waiters bumped trays and spilled a pot of coffee down my daughter's back. Ok, so we weren't crazy about the food and the noise, but what is reasonable for compensation for the mishap? the waiter (not the manager personally) offered to pay for her meal, but I thought that was cheap...any thoughts?

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  1. Wow, was she hurt? I would think they would try to bend over backwards to appease the whole table after an incident like that.

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      I went into "lioness" mode, but they didn' t move all that fast until I told them what to do...and ice pack kept it under control. I wasn't impressed. After some prodding, they came up with a gift certificate for two ($20).

      1. re: bistrobabe

        Here's a link to the comments/feedback section of their website. I would not hesitate to write to them with your complaints, if I were you:

        Their head office is situated at 6830 avenue du Parc, and the phone number listed is 514-282-0677.

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          You might enjoy reading the various opinions of a situation similar to yours,
          in the Not About Food section..... in this case it was a pitcher of ice water, not hot coffee....

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            I am speechless, never thought of that kind of thing happening but would document it for sure in a letter outlining it all including the negative effects to the head office and see what compensation you will be offered, I cant imagine that they wont take steps to better address the situation. But they need to know you consider it serious and determined to followup before they will respond in more appropriate manner and this allows them to check with their pr team or legal team, whatever. Complain to the top (:.

    2. I'm curious...which location?
      I have dined at the one on De Maisonneuve many times
      (though not in several years)
      and always thought the service was great.
      My only thought about what happened is that a manager should have immediately appeared and not left your table until all was well.
      The waiter's gesture was actually noteworthy considering the embarrassment and anxiety he must have felt. It's the manager's responsibility to mediate and calm an accident scene such as this.

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        it was the downtown location...our waiter was good, but I thought the manager didn't handle it well. thanks for the tips, I will post any follow up.

      2. They should have given you a new child.

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          1. re: KTinNYC

            told my daughter about getting a replacement child, she didn't find it as funny as I did. I emailed the restaurant (thanks mainsqueeze) and am waiting on a reply.

        1. I've only had one mishap incident. It was at a dinner theatre place. After dinner, we sat down for the theatre portion. I felt a sharpness in my left cheek (not the one on my face). I shuffled a bit and someting didn't seem right. I got up and looked, then looked at the back of my pants. They were torn. A closer inspeciton of the chair showed a screw sticking through the rail. Before I could do anything about it, someone was over there to find out what happened, the chair was removed, a comp'ed round of drinks was brought by and the (as it turned out) manager gave me his card and told me to replace the pants (upwards of $100) at their cost. Everything was back to normal in about 5 minutes. I was very happy with how it was handled. I didn't expect the moon to be offered to me. I didn't see it as hitting the jackpot. I just wanted it handled. It was and I got a free beer out of it.

          As for the hot coffee, I would hope they were very concerned about possible injury.


          1. Well so much for Eggspectations....2 emails later and no reply. I don't think they will get me back there.

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            1. re: bistrobabe

              The manager should have comped the meal.

              1. re: bistrobabe

                And here is why: If the manager zipped over and immediately said, "I apologize. Breakfast is on us," the entire scenario would be over. This thread would not exist.

                Instead, you have essentially told about 10 people (estimation of folks who have read this thread) who will not want to eat in a loud place with hot coffee spilling down a guest's back. The amount of money lost from people who will not eat there adds up quickly; now start multiplying the numbers to reflect the amount of money lost in one year. This thread potentially cost that restaurant several thousand dollars.