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Sep 1, 2009 12:34 PM

Where to buy banana leaves in Mid-Missouri?

Any chowhounds know where to purchase banana leaves in Columbia, MO or Jefferson City, MO? I need some to make tamales and roasted pork dishes and can't find any anywhere.

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  1. I get them in the frozen food section of our local asian grocery here in Tulsa. Don't know if that helps but that is the only place I have found them here.

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      Where in Tulsa is the asian grocery store? My in-laws live in Tulsa, and I tried to find one.. Went to one that was a total dump (I mean there were dead fish in their fish tank). I made a bee line to the exit....

    2. Haven't bought any myself but try International Market over by Gerbes on Nifong or the Hong Kong Market on 5th street (just north of campus and south of broadway). There is also some Latin markets. One is in Bernadette Square, one is over by Georges Steakhouse at Lake of the Woods, and there is one by Gerbes on Paris Road.