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Sep 1, 2009 12:22 PM


Looking for a place in Baltimore that makes croquembouche. I had one instead of a traditional wedding cake when I got married in New Orleans in May.

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  1. Try Bonjour in Mt Washington, and Patisserie Poupon downtown..Book ahead, and have it made on the day you are using it. I love them too.

    1. I don't know about places in Baltimore, but Patisserie Poupon in DC (Georgetown) definitely makes croquembouches. A friend of mine ordered one last year, and it was delicious.

      I don't think Patisserie Poupon has a website, but you can give them a call at:
      202) 342-3248

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      1. I too can vouch for Patisserie Poupon's version (at least the one in DC). A pair of these impressive towers were offered as a wedding cake last year (at a classic Chinese wedding banquet in all other respects) and were spectacular both in presentation and preparation.

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          I 4th Patisserie Poupon. I had a very large one at a friend's wedding and it was outstanding. I also get a St.Honore cake every year for my birthday (a variation on the croquembouche) and it blows me away every year. I know it's not in Baltimore where you were looking. But I think it would be worth the drive.