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Sep 1, 2009 11:56 AM

Best Baltimore Scrapple

I'm coming back to Baltimore after nearly 47 years, and I'm yearning to cook scrapple to have with eggs again. Is anyone left in Baltimore who makes and sells good scrapple?

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  1. Not sure where exactly you'll be, but I'd assume one of the Amish markets in the area would have good scrapple. The Amish Market in Burtonsville is in the process of moving to a new location, but there are a couple others (Annapolis and Westminster, I believe, also one in Shrewsbury PA which is a VERY short drive up I-83). Although I have to say - not sure the words "good" and "scrapple" should appear next to one another (kidding).

    1. If you haven't been in Baltimore for forty-seven years, expect a lot of changes. Among those will be the availability of old fashioned food, including scrapple.

      The most commonly available scrapple in the city is probably Rapa's scrapple, but for better scrapple, visit the nearest Amish market north of Baltimore in Hunt Valley, and they will have very good, traditional Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple for sale. Another place that sells excellent scrapple is Eddies' supermarket on Roland Avenue in Roland Park, but call beforehand to make sure they have it in stock.

      1. Try Lexington Market in downtown Baltimore. There is a metro stop very near the marketplace. Many of the old time favorite foods are still sold in the various stalls. BTW Rapa scrapple is one of the better scrapples.

        1. Hit the JFX Market and buy some scrapple from Truck Patch. They produce fantastic, pastured pork and make their own scrapple. And ignore ivysmom. Scrapple is wonderful.

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            HA! Actually I intend to try scrapple one day, I've never eaten it. My dad was a butcher and he told me so many stories about other meat items that scrapple sounds tame by comparison!
            Was just joking with Roland Parker !

          2. I was trying to explain to a Southern friend of mine what scrapple is. The best I could come up with was "Pig in a blender." Oddly, he didn't want to sample it!