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Sep 1, 2009 11:50 AM

Best bakery for birthday cake in Bergen County, NJ

I need to pick up a birthday cake for tonight; could be a basic yellow or chocolate cake, ice cream cake, or whatever, as long as it's high-quality and delicious.

Some bakeries I've heard about include:
-B&W Bakery in Hackensack (I know their crumb cake is supposed to be great, but do they sell regular cakes?)
-Palisades Park Bakery in Palisades Park
-Patisserie St. Michel in Teaneck (do they offer regular cakes, or only French pastries?)
-Rispoli Bakery in Ridgefield (do they have anything offer than Italian pastries?)

Any other suggestions? Anywhere in Bergen County is fine.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Belmont Bakery in Haledon is wonderful. Lots of places freeze the layers for sheet cakes, thus compromising them a bit. I know for fact that Belmont Bakery does not do this as my neighbor is the head baker there. I really don't enjoy sheet cake at all, but the sheet cake from Belmont is great as a rare treat for myself.

    Sidenote: B&W Crumb cake imo is grossly overrated. Try the crumb cake from packanack bakery on rt 23 in wayne.

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      I could not agree more regarding B&W. The crumb cake was very dry. I think that Entenmann's is better. There is nothing better than Palisades Park Bakery although Miller's in Cliffside will certainly do if you do not feel like driving to Palisades Park

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        Do you know what bakery has great pecan and coconut custard pies for Thanksgiving?

    2. We get all our birthday cakes from Palisades Park Bakery, Rispoli has the traditional rum cakes or without rum if you request. Both places are great, just minutes apart from each other.

      1. for the money - a&p in tenafly

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          where is there an a&p in Tenaflly?

        2. BJs and Costco have wonderful cakes and they are really cheap too.

          1. Balthazar's in Englewood makes gorgeous gourmet flourless chocolate cake that is really incomparable. All their stuff is amazing.

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              Miller's in Tenafly has excellent cakes, and a good value to boot.