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best chilaquiles

I live in Sherman Oaks and wonder where I can find authentic chilaquiles that are not Gringo-ized and that I don't have to spend a tankful of gas to find. Thoughts?

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  1. I love chilaquiles and eat them everywhere. The best I have had, by far, are in Hollywood at Loteria Grill. Get the ones with green sauce. You will think you have died and gone to heaven:


    1. Try the lady at The Hollywood Farmer's Market on sunday. She is on the street that runs parallel to Sunset and between Ivar & Cahuenga, south side of street. She isolder lady and sons work with her, she is next to the crepe stand. Really good IMHO. I hear Pepe's Galley in the Mar Vista Bowl also makes great ones.

      1. Close to Sherman Oaks try La Fogata on Van Nuys and Hugo's on Riverside.

        1. When I lived in Sherman Oaks a few years ago, I used to enjoy the chilaquiles at the Bronco Restaurant on Woodman. Haven't had them at La Fogata, but their burritos are very good, so that may be a good bet also.

          1. Can someone enlighten me on the difference in a gringo version vs a truly authentic one.

            I had the ones at Pepy's before they were fine but I would not know if I had a excellent interpretation of the dish or an americanized one.


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              gringo chilaquiles are like nachos with enchilada sauce on top. authentic are strips of tortilla chips that have been cooked in the sauce until they are soft - they aren't crispy

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                Well, if the crispy ones at Pepy's are gringofied, they are still darn tasty. Actually they're sort of in between, not completely soft but have a bit of a snap. It's almost like the crust of a lasagna.

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                  That's how they should be. I've always had them like that in Mexico. :)

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                    That is exactly how I have had them at authentic hole in the wall places, soft yet crispy!

              2. I love the chilliquilles at Basix Cafe in Weho....probably gringo-ized, but pretty darn tasty...

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                    Los Tres Hermanos has good Chilaquiles. I get the Verde sauce. There are 2 locations- Van Nuys and North Hills.

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                      I second Cha Cha Cha and Hugo's. Also, if anyone is in Palm Springs, I just had an amazing batch at the Ace Hotel Diner. Yes, they were AMAZING.

                  2. There are several good places. First La Casita Mexicana in Bell. Everyone loves the place, only problem is that they only serve them until noon. You can get different sauces on it.
                    El Tepyac on Evergreen in Boyle Heights is great, large portion, you can share.
                    Gilberts, El Indio on Pico has good ones and is on special in the mornings.

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                      La Casita Mexicana is amazing. Well worth the drive (even to Bell). A modest place, but they take the Mexican food to another level.

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                        Are they on the menu at El Tepeyac? I do not remember seeing them.

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                          They have them on the menu. I think Teresitas has outstanding chilaquiles.

                          3826 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90063

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                            They are good. The lady at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on sunday does great ones, she has a restaurant somewhere in Hacienda Heights or La Puente, right on the border.

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                              I especially like the fact that Teresitas offers either verde or roja sauce for their chilaquiles.

                      2. Loteria in the Farmer's Market and Tacos Delta in Silver Lake.

                        1. I've had a lot of these including Cha Cha Cha, Tacos Delta and Hugo's. And also Camilo's in Eagle Rock which many people tout. I like those, but Loteria Grill in Hollywood beats them all by a mile. (I've not eaten them at Loteria at the Farmers Market. I'd assume they are the same but you never know.)

                          1. Ciro's makes a great chilaquiles w/ fried egg.

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                              really, nice, willhave to check out. Ciro's is so much more inexpensive than El Tepeyac.

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                                Beware, I ate the whole thing at around 11:30 am and was not hungry until about 9:00 at night.

                                Also, you have to ask for the fried egg on top :P

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                                  Always, otherwise they scramble it in to the mix.

                            2. Antequera De Oaxaca - I was introduced to this place by my friend who is from Oaxaca - this is her favorite, most authentic place to go. Antequera De Oaxaca
                              5200 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 466-1101 - they even serve chapulinas - fried grasshoppers!

                              1. I love chilaquiles---anyone know of good ones in the south bay? When I go to Cabo, I have them for breakfast every morning.

                                1. Hugo's in Sherman Oaks or WeHo and I also like the ones at Basix too. Not sure if they're gringo-ized, but I like 'em!