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Sep 1, 2009 11:23 AM

Complete this Hatch Chile Burger

I have a freezer-ful of roasted Hatch chiles and thought I’d make Hatch chile burgers tonight. I have some ideas but need some help enhancing & editing them. I want it to be fairly hot, but not uncomfortably hot. I also want the chiles to be the star of this burger. Please help me complete this burger.

1/3 lb patty
Roasted & peeled Hatch chiles (hot ones - they are pretty dang hot)
Cheddar cheese – I just happen to have some but I’d be open to ideas… maybe Jack or some other milder cheese that would enhance the chile flavor
Chipotle mayo (chopped chipotles in adobo mixed w/ mayo, garlic powder, maybe some lime juice) – do you think this would enhance the chile flavor or interfere with it? Any other ideas for a sauce/lube??
Paper thin slices of red onion
A single leaf of lettuce

I feel like it's missing something but I also don't want to pile on the toppings that would detract from the chiles. Some optional toppings I'm considering:

Fried egg?


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  1. My Hatch Chile burger last night had cheddar, which I thought paired well, and lightly caramelized farmer's market onions, and it was heaven. I love chipotle but I think it would interfere. The onions and the burger itself were both very juicy so I did not use anything else to "lube" it and in fact had juices running down my arm.

    1. How about slow roasting the tomatoes? I agree about the chipolte in the mayo, a no go. The avocado could be your lube for the bun.

      1. I agree that the chipotle would clash with the Hatch chiles. Just go with regular mayo. Other than that it sounds pretty good; I'd only add a nice ripe slice of tomato.

        1. One way of deepening flavor (re Paul Prudhomme) is to make different uses of the chili peppers.
          Such as finely chopping a pepper and caramelizing it with some onions and a bit of garlic and THEN incorporating it -cooled- into the meat before cooking.

          Any chance you make your own buns?

          Could a mayo made with lime complement this?

          1. Fried egg sounds great to me!