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Complete this Hatch Chile Burger

I have a freezer-ful of roasted Hatch chiles and thought I’d make Hatch chile burgers tonight. I have some ideas but need some help enhancing & editing them. I want it to be fairly hot, but not uncomfortably hot. I also want the chiles to be the star of this burger. Please help me complete this burger.

1/3 lb patty
Roasted & peeled Hatch chiles (hot ones - they are pretty dang hot)
Cheddar cheese – I just happen to have some but I’d be open to ideas… maybe Jack or some other milder cheese that would enhance the chile flavor
Chipotle mayo (chopped chipotles in adobo mixed w/ mayo, garlic powder, maybe some lime juice) – do you think this would enhance the chile flavor or interfere with it? Any other ideas for a sauce/lube??
Paper thin slices of red onion
A single leaf of lettuce

I feel like it's missing something but I also don't want to pile on the toppings that would detract from the chiles. Some optional toppings I'm considering:

Fried egg?


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  1. My Hatch Chile burger last night had cheddar, which I thought paired well, and lightly caramelized farmer's market onions, and it was heaven. I love chipotle but I think it would interfere. The onions and the burger itself were both very juicy so I did not use anything else to "lube" it and in fact had juices running down my arm.

    1. How about slow roasting the tomatoes? I agree about the chipolte in the mayo, a no go. The avocado could be your lube for the bun.

      1. I agree that the chipotle would clash with the Hatch chiles. Just go with regular mayo. Other than that it sounds pretty good; I'd only add a nice ripe slice of tomato.

        1. One way of deepening flavor (re Paul Prudhomme) is to make different uses of the chili peppers.
          Such as finely chopping a pepper and caramelizing it with some onions and a bit of garlic and THEN incorporating it -cooled- into the meat before cooking.

          Any chance you make your own buns?

          Could a mayo made with lime complement this?

          1. Fried egg sounds great to me!

            1. Try incorporating things in the meat. Ground parmesan goes well, as does bacon, roast red peppers and onions. Also makes the burger easier to eat. If you do this beat (Kitchen aid plus beater) for 2-3 minutes. Makes the patties hold together better.

              1. When I lived in Albuquerque, I ate no less than one a week. But that was when I was a skinny girl and worked two jobs.

                I know the one constant on my burgers was monterey jack, I love the melt it gives and it goes so well with the Hatch chile, and lots of black pepper. I also have to have fresh onion, not carmelized (they can be too sweet for me sometimes). And like you I prefer only lettuce and tomato.. There's nothing like a good beef hamburger, cooked to a medium rate perfection with Hatch chiles on it. But monterey jack for sure, red onion would be excellent too. I wouldn't throw it in the trash if there was a great piece of avocado on it.

                I think this is when "Less is More" is so true. Have a great dinner, this is my favorite hamburger.

                1. I'd skip the rabbit food and mayo and switch the cheddar to a monterey jack. You want the hatch chile to be the star (or co-star with the patty) and I think those other things will detract.

                  Focus on a finely prepared burger, good meat, sufficient fat, loosely packed and liberally salted and peppered. Cooked properly with properly melted cheese and cover with the roasted chiles and a lightly buttered toasted bun. No vegetables, no ketchup, no mayo, nothing else is needed.

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                    I like the rabbit food but on the side. A little lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato to eat during the burger or afterward as a palate cleanser. As you said, vegetation in the burger detracts. I usually like ketchup but not on this baby.
                    Can't say I've ever made a Hatch chile burger but I have used other cooked peppers, mild or hot or both

                  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I ended up making 2 versions and sharing with the hubby. I used 80/20 patties.

                    1. Chiles, sharp cheddar, red onion (raw), avocado, lettuce, mayo w/ some garlic & chopped Hatch chiles
                    2. Chiles, Monterey Jack, fried egg, grilled onions (not caramelized, just cooked with the burger to dark brown), lettuce, same mayo

                    The hubby liked the bite of the raw onion but I preferred the bitterness of the grilled. I though the fried egg added a great richness and will likely become a standard topping for my burgers. I nixed the tomato at the last minute because they were already pretty tall.

                    They were both delicious but one thing they were missing was acid to balance out all that richness. Even the chiles didn't provide enough acidity. I thought I had a lime in the fridge but turned out I didn't, but that would have been nice in the sauce. I did like the sharp cheddar for the contrast. I guess generally, I prefer a balance of flavors and I like having that acidic or bitter note.

                    I attached some pics though the quality is not great.

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                      Too late, but my local burger place has a burger that has green chiles, monterey jack, bacon and sour cream. It's good with Ortega chiles, I bet it would be mind-bending with Hatch chiles. Maybe next time.

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                          They looks pretty tasty to me, I'm not a huge cheddar fan, that is unless I'm eating a hunk of it with a dry sliced salami. But they do look great especially your burgers they look very well made. perfect.