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Sep 1, 2009 11:21 AM

Looking for Recipes

Friends, I am creating a cookbook for my wife of thirty-one years, and am assembling recipes from some of our favorite restaurants. I am giving the book to her to commemorate the remodeling of our kitchen, later this fall. Can anyone help me with recipes from any of the following:

Georgetown Inn (Washington)
Third Edition
Hugo's at Hyatt Capital Hill
Primmi Piatti
Old Eurpoe

Puerstner (Vienna)
Cafe Central
zu dem Drei Hussaren
Cafe Griensteidl
Julius Meinl
Cafe Schwartzenberg

Capital Hotel (London)
Dorchester Grill
Brittania Hotel
Savoy Grill
The Worsley

Boulevard (San Francisco)
Four Seasons (San Francisco)

Corona Cafe (chicago)
Ritz carlton Dining Room
Consort Room at Weston Continental Plaza
Blackhawk Lodge
Brasserie Jo

il Pozzo (Monteriggione, Tuscany)

Caveau du Palais (Paris)
Cafe de la Paix
le Coupe-Chou

Woodstock Inn (Vermont)

Chanticleer (Nantucket)

Joe Beef (Montreal)

Le Champignon (Philadelphia)
Ristorante Alberto
Fountain Restaurant at Four Seasons
Coventry Forge Inn
Pepper Mill Cafe

Ma Cuisine (Beaune)
Le Gourmandise

Many thanks.

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  1. Servings: 8
    Author Notes: This appetizer recipe comes to us from Vermont's Woodstock Inn Resort. Use it as a spread on bread, crackers or even raw vegetables like celery.
    Ingredients: 1 pound cream cheese
    1/2 block cheddar cheese
    1 cup parmesan cheese
    1 pound sour cream
    1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    1 teaspoon minced shallots
    1 teaspoon garlic, minced or pressed
    white pepper to taste
    1/4 bunch spinach
    1 teaspoon fresh thyme
    3/4 teaspoon fresh oregano
    1 tablespoon fresh parsley
    fresh basil to taste
    fresh chives to taste
    Instructions: Steam spinach slightly and chop finely. Put cheddar and parmesan through a food processor until smooth. Add cream cheese then sour cream, then spinach and herbs. Process until well mixed.

    Found this online. Great idea- very sweet. Best of Luck in your search.

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