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Sep 1, 2009 11:17 AM

Beer store

I live in NW DC. Where has good prices on beer? I have a car and can drive a bit if it saves me money. I'm not looking for obscure stuff, just a case of Heineken or something.

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  1. find yesterday's print WaPo - all the liquor store ads usu. run on Mondays for some reason.

    1. The liquor store on P St. in Dupont Circle has pretty good prices (from what I can tell) but even better an excellent choices. Often Thursday-Saturday they have different tastings. People there are very helpful and friendly.

      1. Rodman's on Wisconsin Avenue - good prices, sales on basic domestics and imports. Good selection of American micros and foreign beers if the mood strikes.

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        1. 20.50/case at Calvert Woodley