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Sep 1, 2009 11:11 AM

Iron Wok: Bad News/Good News

Bad News: I was in Seekonk last night and stopped at Iron Wok for some take-out. The sign on the door said they have closed.

Good News: The sign also said they are moving to 83 Benevolent Street in Providence. Should be open by the end of September.

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  1. I saw this place mentioned on Yelp and drove by last week, only to find it closed and empty. I was anxious to try it out, and now it looks like there will be another chance. I never saw a menu but reports were that they did more than the usual Americanized stuff. Is this true?

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      Yes. I'm partial to their twice cooked pork, Chinese style.

    2. While searching for any news of the new opening, I found this interesting bit:

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        Benevolent Street in Providence? I'm from the neighborhood, and I can't imagine what building they will be moving into - none seem zoned for a restaurant.

        I visited Iron Wok a few years ago when they first opened due to a rave review in the ProJo. It was not a place which thrilled me, and I never went back. I know a few others who had felt the same - worth trying once, but nothing to lure you back.

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          based on that article, i think the original aurthor may have transposed the "good" and "bad" news!

        2. Chinese Iron Wok is now open at 83 Benevolent St Providence (corner of Brook and Benevolent, formerly Oliver's tavern). Downstairs is takeout and lunch tables, upstairs is dining room and bar. I'll post notes on my first lunch @ new location with a review. In brief - really good chinese eggplant with dried bean curd and red pepper sauce; cumin spiced chicken with string beans.