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Sep 1, 2009 11:06 AM


I'll be in the Yucatan area in a few days. Anyone know of where i can pick up Xtabentun (honey - anise based liquor)? I heard it's only produced one month out of the year and it's pretty hard to find. Thanks in advance!

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    1. In Playa del Carmen it's pretty easy to find. There's a touristy store on 5th ave, between 4th and 6th I think, on the east side, that has it for about 8 bucks. The Covi liquor store on the SW corner of Constituentes and 307 will have it, too. A pretty good value, actually, I enjoy it. You can buy it year around.

      1. i was able to find it in Rosarito, Baja w/out too much effort.
        I was told most of the better stuff is shipped out of the country.

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          Xtabentun's 'base' is inexpensive unaged rum. I'm not convinced any one is much different from the few others. In any case, it's a surprisingly tasty and exotic liqueur for a modest price.