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Sep 1, 2009 11:02 AM

Looking for a steakhouse in the Seattle area

We're coming to Seattle soon and looking for a steakhouse that's not too formal. So far we've looked at Jaks, El Gaucho, and the Metropolitan Grill. Are jeans acceptable in any of these places? Also, does anyone have any strong feelings about any of these places either way? Any places we're missing? Thanks for the help.

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  1. You might want to look at the Melrose Grill in Renton. I've never had a bad steak or experience there.

    1. I really like El Gaucho. It tries to be posh and supper clubbish in atmosphere, but I don't know that they would turn anyone away in jeans. Seattle is very casual. Metropolitan is classic expense account business steak meal. The atmosphere is less supper-club feeling. Jaks I have not been to. I personally like El Gaucho the best, but it's subjective. and I would just call them about the jeans, but I would be surprised if there are any formal rules at any of these places.

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        This is Seattle - jeans and flannel are widely accepted! Jaks is quite good and less expensive than El Gaucho and The Met. I would actually avoid The Met since you feel under pressure to eat fast, pay mucho and get out NOW so they can turn the table three times a night. Have an overpriced drink there if you must, but eat at Jaks or El Gaucho. Another place with great beef is The Brooklyn - a couple of blocks from the much hyped and greatly over priced, Metropolitan Grill!