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Sep 1, 2009 10:54 AM

Looking for local Tofu in NE Ohio.


I live in Canton, OH, and am looking for a reasonably local source for good tofu. I am sick of tetra pack.

Any suggestions? Or do I need to break out my blender and start making my own....


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  1. Go to the West Side Market in Cleveland. Not only can you get locally made tofu...but Maha's Falafil as well....yummmm.....

    1. In our area, either you befriend some kind local asians or make it yourself.

      This place has some decent quality packaged stuff though:

      1. I think this place has it-
        call and ask first though
        Asia Teahouse/
        Food Market

        3126 St. Clair Ave
        Cleveland, OH
        (216) 280-1681

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        1. re: lyn

          Sounds like I needs get me to Cleveland. Thank you all.

          1. re: AnnaEA

            Making your own is not difficult...

        2. Asian Supermarkets usuallly carry freshly made tofu. Tink Holl on E. 36th off of Payne Ave. in Cleveland makes Tofu at their store. Some of the others may as well, or if they don't, likely sell it. Not sure if you have any signifacantly sized Asian Supermarkets in the Akron/Canton Area?

          Tink's Cafe
          215 S Main St, Blandinsville, IL 61420

          Hollands Restaurant
          204 N Market St, Minerva, OH 44657

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            There is a Asian market in Akron just west of the central interchange but the cleanliness leaves a bit to be desired. They have a reasonable selection of packaged foods that are safe but I wouldn't buy anything fresh.

          2. I've been meaning to confirm the existence of a place called Cleveland Tofu. I'd seen it years ago in Heinen's but I couldn't find any reference to it at all on the Internet. And if Google doesn't know about it, then if must not exist. Anyway, I asked the chef at fire food and drink about it. They have a entree that features tofu on their menu: local squash stuffed with pumpkin and fall squash, black bean and tofu stew, cilantro slaw, pepitas and tequilla vin. Apparently, they use Cleveland Tofu.

            I didn't ask where they got it. It may be difficult for retail consumers to find. I'll try to remember to ask the next time I'm there. Which will be Monday for a six course dinner featuring local tofu. Er... no, wait. I mean featuring local pork. Sorry. Anyway, the package says "premium handmade" and it also has a name and address, but no phone number. Vitalite Foods, 3800 Woodland Ave. I have to say, all the mystery has made me a little curious about this place.