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Sep 1, 2009 10:42 AM

Saturday Lunch in Portland

My wife and I are taking a weekend trip from Seattle to Portland and the Willamette Valley. I've got most of our meals planned, but am stuck trying to find somewhere to go Saturday for lunch. I was pretty bummed to see that my top two choices (Pok Pok and Nostrana) don't offer lunch on Saturday. To give you an idea of what else we're doing

Friday Night - Nel Centro (we're getting to town pretty late, and the restaurant is in our hotel)
Saturday Breakfast - Fleur De Lis (I may change this, but I want something light and open early because we're hitting Clear Creek Distillery at 9AM)
Saturday Dinner - Le Pigeon (our reservation is at 8PM)
Sunday Breakfast - Moody's Donuts
Sunday Lunch - Nick's Italian Cafe
Sunday Dinner - Hotel Oregon (McMenamins food is only ok, but it comes free with our room at the hotel)
Monday Breakfast - Hotel Oregon (Again, it's free)
Monday Lunch - We usually hit the Burgerville in Centralia on the way home

I'd like to have something for lunch Saturday that is pretty uniquely Portland, with out it being so heavy that it kills our dinner at Le Pigeon. Thing's I'm considering are The BrunchBox, Stanich's, and Ned Ludd. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. Sat. breakfast also consider Ken's Artisan bakery. Not only outstanding, but near Clear Creek. But yes, Fleur de Lys is good.

    Sat. lunch: Bunk or Navarre.

    Burgerville: it is the last days of Walla Walla sweets and blackberry shakes.

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      I didn't even know that Ken's had a Bakery that served meals. It's much more convenient to our hotel and Clear Creek.

      Bunk looks intriguing. It looks like it might take the best of Paseo, Salumi, and the Baguette Box from Seattle.

    2. Wildwood does a lovely lunch service on Sat. and at NW21st and NW Overton, is not far from Clear Creek. They have some great salads (their crab cakes on a salad are delicious as is the oyster and bacon salad)

      Clear Creek at 9am...oy vey. Definitely eat before you go and stroll around NW 23rd and NW 21st to clear your head. Their stuff is great (I especially love their fruit liqueurs) but it is high octane! ;o)

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        Clear Creek at 9AM is a little early, but their tours are at 9AM, 11AM, and 1PM; and the latter two would make lunch plans more difficult. I've loved the Clear Creek products I've had (Apple Brandy and Kirsch) and I'm excited to try the rest. We recently went to Okanagan Spirits in Canada, and had a great time there and I'm excited to see how Clear Creek compares.

      2. I'd go with Meat Cheese Bread or Evoe for lunch--both offer fairly light but good quality choices. I also like that both of them have pretty flexible hours for lunch--they're open in the AM until 7 PM. We often find ourselves needing to eat something at 3 PM on Saturday (that's what happens when you have your breakfast at 11 AM) and quite a few of the lunch places are closed by then.

        I didn't realize that Nick's in McMinnville did lunch--that must be somewhat new. I'd love to hear what you think of it.