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Sep 1, 2009 10:28 AM

Legal -- what should I get along with the chowder?

Per my other post, we're on a Boston chowder crawl... I've read dangerous things about the rest of the menu. We'll be there with family for dinner, and I want to be sure I don't drop a lot of money on something they do poorly.


What should I get along with the chowder that would be least offensive? Simple fish, lobster, etc is fine with me. (We don't have east cost lobster in Los Angeles, my home city


Mr Taster

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  1. They do fine with a lobster roll, but it really is outrageously overpriced IMO. When I end up at Legal's I generally opt for the crab sandwich (delicious) or fried clams. They also have an interesting stiry fry type of dish with catfish, shrimp in a creole sauce that's quite good, but Im' not sure it's still on the menu as it's been awhile.

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      Like Pegmeister, I haven't been in several years, but my last meal there was a miso-glazed black cod listed as an appetizer with an entree portion option (I chose the latter, and it was delicious). I had heard it recommended somewhere but can't recall where.

    2. They used to do a great spicy fish and chips, not sure if they still have the spicy version. The plain version is fine too but the spicy one was unique with the spice in the batter.
      Also i have always liked their fried calamari app.

      1. The fried calamari, Rhode Island style with hot peppers is great. The lemon caper grey sole is delicious. The raw oysters are very fresh and briney- usually a few choices. Don't know about the age of your kids but they have a lobster on the kids menu which they remove from the shell. The chowder is good and there is a list of different fish that they will grill for you.

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          Oh yea. This is calamari crack! You can ask for the appetizer size if you don't want the fries/potato/rice.

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            I fully concur in the fried calamari rec.

            I'm not a big fan of their chowder -- or really thick chowder in general (must be my RI roots).

          2. My go to lunch dish is the tortilla apple and goat cheese salad with grilled scallops. I have had reasonable luck with the grilled fish. I believe bluefish is a new england only type fish - it is mackerel-like in that it is more oily and dense than most. One of my favorite fishes, especially when fresh caught, but many people dislike it.