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Sep 1, 2009 10:00 AM

Best Pizza/Italian in Sunnyside/Woodside

Just moved to the area (just south of 46th street stop). I can't seem to find many positive reviews for Pizza/Italian in the area. Any suggestions when a pizza/pasta craving hits? Thanks!

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  1. Do you have a car? Rosa's in Maspeth is the only somewhat local pizza I like. Peppino's on 61st st off Roosevelt has a grandma pie that's good when it's cooked enough. Ordered Pizza Boy II once and it had almost no sauce on it. Haven't read a single good thing about pretty much any other local pizza places either.

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    1. re: Widmark

      Unfortunately, no car. Just my trusty Metro Card. So delivery or somewhere I can swing by off the 7 train.

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        Do most Woodside restaurants deliver to Sunnyside as well?

        Our address is technically Woodside (44th street b/w 48th ave and 50th ave), though we're closer to Sunnyside (we must just be on the border).

        1. re: JenEvans86

          Woodside is strange and technically wraps around the southern part of Sunnyside. That is why De Mole is officially in "Sunnyside", despite that no making any sense! And I've heard people who live down there, close to the Sunnyside post-office, still have to walk to the Woodside Post-Office. My favorite Sunnyside deliveries are De Mole and Mangal, who's pizza I've never had but who's gyro, hummus and lentil soup are awesome.

      2. Sadly, pizza is pretty awful in the 'hood. Rosario's on Skillman around 50th is okay. The only good Italian is Sapori D'ischia in Woodside. Do a search and you'll hear more about them. It's a serious Italian restaurant though and they don't deliver. They do have pizza which is okay.

        1. Stop off in LIC at the Vernon/Jackson stop of the 7 and have really good pizza at Trattoria Rustica (Manducati's daughter Jenna's place) or Bella Via. Both are good, fresh sauce and real mozzarella cheese.

          1. Peppino's grandma slice on 61st between Roosevelt and Woodside.

            1. thanks for the suggestions everyone!