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Caplansky's 2.0

Corey Mintz just tweeted the new Caplansky's menu: http://twitpic.com/g3bvp

Who's excited?

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  1. Count me as excited.

    Hate to be a naysayers...but I hope the quality of the original stuff doesn't suffer due to menu expansion.

    Overall, though, looks great. Looking forward to chopped liver.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      the worry about the qaulity is well noted.

      Moreover, I hope it doesn't loose its charm with the expanded menu. I think the charm and the attention drawn to just thing (smoked meat sandwich) was what made it so good.

      However, to be objective, I will definitely try their smoked meat burger !

      P.S. the house made mustard that Caplanskies had was the reason why I started consuming mustard again.

    2. Does anyone know when it's opening? Their website says September 1. I work nearby, so headed over at lunchtime today to check things out, but they were still closed. The windows are still papered over and there are signs with the construction company's name on them.

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      1. re: jakhtar

        If you follow the link to his blog from the website, the latest post said there was an issue with their gas and they'd open a couple days late.

      2. I'm going to have to take my mom for the beef liver with schmaltzy onions. As a baby in Montreal my parents would take me to the Brown Derby all the time, and she got the liver - every single time.

        Also, how about the smoked beef bacon in The Special breakfast? As someone who regrets not being able to consume pork products with breakfast, this intrigues me.

        1. I can hardly wait! Hopefully he opens for the weekend at least so I have time to go over and browse!

          1. I've rarely had liver and onions since Hushy's closed (yes, I'm dating myself) mostly due to an assumption that no modern place (at least in my environs, where there was no longer such thing as a proper deli) could do it justice. Zane certainly has the potential to do it right.

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            1. re: bytepusher

              I was up at Canada Computers yesterday and peered inside. Looking great! The outside signs are hung, the windows are done. I see there's at least three beer taps there, two I recognized Denison's Weisse and King Pilsner and the other was hard to see, Mill St perhaps? I'm a happy camper with more to drink than just Steamwhistle at the Monarch.

              We'll likely be alternating between our usual Saturday greasy spoon breakfast haunt and Caplansky's for breakfast and will be making more frequent visits now. I guess I finally have the kick-in-the-ass to get back to the gym. ;-D

              1. re: lister

                That's awesome that the 2 taps you saw were Ontario micros, and presumeably the 3rd one will be as well. If it is indeed a Mill St product, I hope it is Tankhouse to have a variety with the 3 types. I won't be going for the beer, but I'm glad when I do go there will be some quality beer choices available.

                The menu looks great too. I can't wait to go there and try it out.

            2. I hope this place opens soon. Friends are coming up this weekend and this is one place I'd like to bring them for beer and stick to your ribs cooking. The breakfast items are making me drool.

              1. Please don't all show up on the first day. Give the new staff a chance to get settled. Remember what happened last year...

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                1. re: embee

                  Or go, but with your expectations in check regarding service.

                2. Very exciting indeed. Looking forward to the kishka and wondering if the pickled herring is house made. Im happy to see Gryfe's is the bagel of choice.

                  Missing (from my personal wishlist, anyway) is smoked whitefish salad.

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                  1. re: Everythingtarian

                    My Jewish heart skipped a beat when I looked at this menu. Liver, Kasha, Kishka, Brisket, Borscht, Lox and Bagels, Latkes, Pickled Herring, oh my! Does he cook the liver in schmaltz and gribenes? I didn't even realize I was missing this artery-clogging food until I peeked at Caplansky's menu. I have to get on some serious cholesterol meds for a few months first, but then I'm heading over for a borscht and a fresser. Hopefully the cabbage in the borscht will counteract the effects of the fatty smoked meat. Oy vey!

                    1. re: Everythingtarian

                      There's actually a choice between a Gryfe's bagel and Bagel World twister for $1.00 more. Quantity-wise, that's a dollar well-spent.

                      1. re: Yongeman

                        For someone that doesn't know anything about bagels (other than they are round with a hole in the middle), what would be the difference between a Gryfe's bagel and Bagel World twister?

                        1. re: kwjd

                          The two bagels are nothing alike other than that are both delicious and are their own thing. I wouldn't know where to even start. The Bagel World twisters would be about twice the size and much denser for one. Totally different tastes and mouthfeels. Hard to even begin. I love both.

                          1. re: kwjd

                            Gryfe's is a small-ish, sweeter, less chewey, very light bagel. And if I'm not mistaken, if I'm thinking of the right bagel at Bagel World, the twisty, it's much larger, much more dense and bread-y and much less sweeter than Gryfe's. I love all bagels but Gryfe's is just more my style in every way so that's the one I personally prefer most often. But I'm also a huge fan of real Montreal bagels.

                            1. re: Restaurant Dish

                              You're very close with your description, RD, except that I don't detect any sweetness to a Gryfe's bagel, and the twister is a monster. Both delicious.

                      2. The menu looks FANTASTIC! I can't wait for him to open, though I don't have any idea what I would order first. Think he'll cater Rosh Hashana dinner?? :)

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                        1. re: CarNut

                          I just called. They said they are opening Saturday at 10 a.m.

                        2. The menu offers a free dinner for 2 if you email zane 'How Did We Do?"
                          I assume this means you visit first and have a meal and then provide feedback, but it's not clear.
                          If I get a response from my email to him about this, I'll post the results.

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                          1. re: longolame

                            longolame, the menu says you "could" win a dinner for two.

                          2. anyone had smoked beef bacon before? Could that be as good as it sounds?

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                            1. re: DoNutAlter

                              This was very common in Montreal and New York way back when - usually called something like "beef fry".

                              I haven't seen or tasted Zane's version. The stuff around in the sixties was usually a very fatty section from the plate (variously called navel or pupick). This is the cut used for "real" New York pastrami and is more or less comparable to pork bacon.

                              Some brands tasted pretty much like mainstream pork bacon; others tasted like pastrami or had various unique characteristics (for better or worse).

                            2. Honestly, the new menu looks brilliant.

                              1. Whoa, open till 2am Thurs, Fri, Sat.

                                Now we're talking!

                                1. How does it compare with Centre Street Deli, in Thornhill? I know it has its up and downs but it is usually very good.

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                                  1. re: lamaranthe

                                    It isn't really comparable. The Monarch menu was extremely limited. The new one is is, so far, untested, but it differs a lot from CSD..

                                    Two things do stand out, though:

                                    - While not kosher, this will be Jewish food. No pork, no shellfish.

                                    - This won't be a "family restaurant" - it'll be a deli and I hope it stays one. I'm old enough to remember when the Pickle Barrel was "just a deli", and it was a pretty good one. Now they feature "always something for everyone", and little of it is any good for anyone.

                                      1. re: Pincus

                                        We went for breakfast this morning. J ordered the Smoked Meat Hash and I ordered the Leo. J thought his breakfast was good but that this place might be better suited for lunch/ He thought the eggs and potatoes just diluted the flavor of the smoked meat, which is their specialty. I thought the service was great for their first day. The coffee was good. The latkes and eggs were a little bland but the caramelized onions were tasty and everything tasted a little better with the spicy mustard offered at the table.

                                  2. went today for brunch. by the time we got there, they were out of latkes, i was really looking forward to trying those. ordered smoked meat hash and the versht and eggs, both got fries in lieu of latkes, and chose gryfe bagels. i quite liked the salami and eggs, tasty, not too salty. service was a bit slow but understandable i think, it being the first day, and they set expectations accordingly up front. if not for the pesky wasps, eating on the patio was nice. plan to go back and try other items.


                                    1. Went there for some late night poutine and kishka. The wait staff was kind enough to give me a half-order of the kishka (not on the menu), since the two full items would have been a bit too much starch in gravy for me. The kishka were delicious--the best I've had, although that's not saying much. The poutine was very good too, although I found the texture of the beef in the gravy a bit tougher than I'd like to feel. It's still my favourite poutine in the city.