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Sep 1, 2009 09:02 AM

Crawfish In Houston Area (The Woodlands)

We're going to be in The Woodlands for a wedding in a few weeks, and I wanted to see if someone could point me towards to best place for crawfish in that area (north Houston)?

Being from Detroit, I don't get to enjoy crawdaddies that often and am looking forward to the trip so I can get my fix on some good ones. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I hate to be the one to break the news, but crawfish season is over. There may be a few restaurants in town that serve them, Ragin Cajun in particular, but their nearest location is at least 45 minutes from The Woodlands.

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      Worse news, I called Ragin Cajun and the do not sell them now. You can check B4UEat, a local website, and you might get lucky. I seem to recall having crawfish from Ragin Cajun a few years ago in September, they were supposed to be from California, but they were terrible,

    2. You MIGHT be able to get them at the Boiling Crab, but like James' suggestion, is at least 45 minutes away. The waitress said they would have them through September, and I admit I was skeptical. It wouldn't surprise me if they used imported crawfish at this time of year.

      1. I live in the Woodlands and we live for crawfish season. Unfortunately it's pretty much over, however there are a few hidden gems that may carry them. There is a Seafood Market attached to a restaurant called Crabby Daddy's on Rayford Rd, Bluewater Boil is a whole in the wall on FM 2920 but they have their own crawfish farmers that keep them in supply and I would also try Wolfie's. Good Luck!

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          Thanks for the excellent info everyone. I figured out they were out of season right after I posted the original message! Extra big thanks to catiebeth for your detailed info about The Woodlands. I'll give the 3 places a call you mentioned to see if they have boiled crawfish, or even fried if I strike out. Much appreciated!